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Mel Gibson's The Passion-The Editors Cut


This edit takes out the most violent parts of the film, although it is still a hard film to watch even when those scenes are taken out. I know Mel Gibson did something like this with The Passion Recut, but there is much more taken out instead of just frames and shots. If anyone is interested just PM me a link.

-Jesus being thrown of a cliff when he was arrested
-The first part of the flogging scene with the sticks as well as the whipping on Jesus stomach, so there is no flashback of Jesus washing his desciples feet.
-crowns of thorns scene is trimmed
-Cut about 5 min of the road to golgotha(just to fix pacing) as well as some bloody close ups of Jesus’s face
-The girl who wipes Jesus face is trimmed significantly just only to show her giving him the cloth and drink instead of keeping her introduction just to keep things moving a bit faster
-The crucifixion scene is somewhat faster and not as violent in the theatrical cut
-The soldiers don’t flip the cross while Jesus is on it anymore
-The crow does not peck out the thief’s eye out anymore
(Sorry no subtitles for now😔)
original film-126 min
Edit-112 min

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