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Media player recommendations?


Looking for something to replace my old Popcorn Hour A200, which still works but lacks some features I’d like. Specifically:

  • 4:2:2 output over HDMI
  • support for mkv files with .ass subtitles with different colors (the Popcorn Hour A200 only displays mkv subtitles in one color)

Stuff like 3D playback might come in handy but probably won’t get used much.


This is the media player I used, KDLinks HD720

In addition to playing MKV files with DTS tracks, it will play Blu Ray ISO disc image files—2D and 3D—complete with menus. It will play 1080p 3D MKV, also known as MVC, but since these files don’t have a flag to tell the player to switch to 3D, you would have to manually set the player by selecting to Top/Bottom option in the 3D menu.

I’ve not used the subtitle function, but one owner of the project posted this on Amazon.
“The player also has a great subtitle feature. If the subs are either a separate .srt file, or if they are embedded meta data in an mkv file we can adjust the position, font size and color of the subtitles. My eyes are bad, so I’m delighted to have large yellow subtitles for the Asian films and anime that I enjoy.”

I’ve used this unit for three years, now. The only thing is that when you turn it off, press and hold the on/off button and wait for the light on the button to change from blue to red. If you pull the plug out when the unit is on, you’ll risk shorting the unit. Although the LED lights will turn on and the on/off button will light blue, the machine will not operate. I found that out the hard way.

I don’t have an answer for the 4:2:2 output.

…otherwise it is a good unit…and, now, for $160

For the Blu Ray ISO function, this can be useful for testing a Blu Ray ISO that you’ve created before burning.


Thanks, looks decent but probably not what I’m looking for. The quote about the subtitles refers to srt files so it probably just means that the single, main color can be changed, which the Popcorn Hour can also do, and the Popcorn Hour can also play back BD ISOs as long as they don’t use BD-J.


Thanks, not sure if that can do what I want, but it certainly looks versatile.

I suspect that no media player can do 4:2:2 output (at least not natively) though, since rendering stuff like mkv subtitles would probably need to be done internally in RGB. Ah well, guess I’ll settle for my current hardware.