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Media from Rinzler "Making Of" Books


I know this has been discussed on this forum before, but I could not find the thread anywhere.

I own all three "Making Of" iBooks and would very much like to have access to the videos and audio on computer for editing. 

I downloaded a software called Syncios that allowed me to access the media from my iPad and even appeared to let me rip them to my computer in m4v files.  I then attempted to convert these m4v files to another form of video file, but was unsuccessful with more than one conversion software. 

My skills in this subject are not nearly as strong as most of the rest of the people on this site, so I would greatly appreciate anyone who would be willing to help me out with this.

Alternatively, if someone already has the media files and would like to point me in the direction of finding them, I would appreciate that too. 

Thanks, in advance :)

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