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Mass Effect


I really really love Mass Effect.

I got on the bandwagon a little late (buying my first Xbox 360 Christmas 2015) and have since devoured everything in the franchise. Two full playthrough of the trilogy, all the comics and novels and OST album and animated cartoon. I have an N7 baseball cap and a sticker of Liara on my computer at work.

I’d say its the most enjoyment I’ve had with a entertainment brand in my adult life.

I am SO pissed it looks like two completed Mass Effect Andromeda novels may not be released since that game didn’t do well. 😦

So, anyone else play?

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The trilogy is my second-favorite gaming franchise after Metal Gear. So many great moments, and all three games fall into the very rare category of games I’ve finished more than twice.

Andromeda was okay. Lots of potential, but the announcement that it won’t be getting any single player DLC kind of killed any enthusiasm I had for the game. Probably won’t even finish my second playthrough. I wanted that Quarian ark DLC so badly…

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Trilogy is definitely up there for me. Probably my second favorite after Zelda.

I waited to play ME3 until after the epilogue DLC came out, so my first experience with 3 had the full story ending.

Also, I’ve tried multiple times to start playing as ManShep, but I start to miss my own FemShep as well as the wonderful voice of Jennifer Hale. So I always come back to my original FemShep character model when I replay the Trilogy.

Further, I watch Let’s Plays of games on Youtube, but I have a real difficulty watching FemShep LPs. When I hear FemShep speak, it feels awkward if she doesn’t look like my character. Fortunately, my character does look somewhat like the redheaded ME3 FemShep boxart.

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