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Magix (Sony) Vegas Pro Edit & DVD (and Blu-ray) Architect for $25 - Flash Sale


First, I hope this isn’t against forum policy. I’m not affiliated with any of the companies involved, nor am I getting any payment for posting this, and I couldn’t see anything against it in the FAQ.
I just thought it may be useful to fan editors.

Until Tuesday 25/12/2018, you can buy Magix Vegas Pro Edit 15 (AKA Sony Vegas), DVD Architect 7, and more for $25

Humble Bundle do short-term sales of bundles of books, games, software, etc…
One of their current bundles is video and audio editing software from Magix, the company who bought Sony’s Creative Software division a couple of years ago.

There are different tiers you can buy. The top tier where you get everything is $25.

The bundle is available to buy until Christmas Day 2018. After you’ve bought it, you can log in to the site and download or re-download the software at any time in the future.

Some of the money goes to charity. If you click Choose where your money goes >, you can even decide how yours is divided up between the charity, Magix, and the website.

I currently use Vegas 14 which I got in a similar Humble Bundle a while ago. I find it has the right balance for me of ease, power, and ability to run on mediocre hardware. I haven’t used DVD Architect before, but I’ve had a quick play and seen it can also author Blu-rays.