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MODS: Receiving subscription notices for deleted DJ threads

This topic has been locked by a moderator.

If I should be posting this somewhere else, I apologize. I don't see a General Help forum. Anyway, I'm receiving email after email notifying me about new posts in the recently deleted dark_jedi threads. The link I'm receiving is but when I click it I get a page saying:

Sorry, we were unable to locate the object requested.

Error Code: 102

I don't see this thread on my subscription list anymore, so I can't unsubscribe. I don't know how everyone else is getting to the thread to post to it, but clearly I'm not so fortunate. Sure would be nice if I wasn't getting subscription updates for it, though, it's getting rather irritating.

Again, my apologies if there is somewhere else I should have posted this.

Ron Moses

Avoid infestation. Rotate.