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Lucasfilm permits limited release of Hungarian ROTJ bootleg comic


In 1982 – without the permission of Lucasfilm – he (Attila Fazekas) made a very good adaption of Star Wars, which was sold over 600,000 copies (yeah, no mistake: 600, 000) in Hungary. And two years later he produced an adaption of The Empire Strikes Back.


After 1990 the original US comics were published in my country too, but the Hungarian Star Wars fans have never given up dreaming about having a Fazekas-Return Of The Jedi. Now the dream comes true: Lucasfilm has kindly given permission to the Hungarian Star Wars Fan Club to publish Return Of The Jedi but limited to no more then 500 copies and for FREE (i.e. no licence fees were requested).


Here's more of the story:

COMIC LEGEND: Nearly thirty years after the fact, Lucasfilm allowed a Hungarian bootleg adaptation of Star Wars to be officially finished.


Reader Robert V. filled me in on a fascinating occurrence in Hungary. During the 1980s, there was a Hungarian comic book adaptation of the first two Star Wars films.

However, they never actually asked for permission and when Lucasfilm found out about it, they forced them to stop the adaptation. They had finished the first two films, but not Return of the Jedi.

Well, fast forward to just this year and Lucasfilm has actually allowed the local Hungarian Star Wars Fan Club to commission the original artist on the adaptations, the great Attila Fazekas, to do a 500 copy print run (absolutely no more than 500 copies) of an adaptation of Return of the Jedi!

It just came out last month!

Info about release:


Back in the late 80s this adaptation of SW was the main source of my fandom. (I didn't own a copy of the "Empire" comic.) AFAIK they wanted to do "Jedi" as well back then, but one guy from the hungarian publisher accidentally run accross a Lucasfilm or Marvel representative who, upon finding out about these adaptations, made some legal threats. So the adaptation of "Jedi" entered a limbo, until last year.

The artist used the same style with "Jedi" as with the two earlier ones. The only sad point is that it is now based on the SE. (The drawing in the other two books were based on screenshots of the original versions - and memory.)



Wow, that's some good drawins'!

Keep Circulating the Tapes.


(It hasn’t happened yet)