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Looking For the Original Trilogy


Hey there,
New to the Forum, thanks for letting me in!
I’m wondering if anyone has a version of the original trilogy without, un-remastered etc, that they could share with me. I have been dying for years to see them, and want to know if the original Ewok celebration song is really as wonderful as I remember it.
Thanks so much!


Hi and welcome Gujag,

There are many Star Wars preservation projects - including the theatrical releases of the Original Trilogy - in the Star Wars Preservation section of the site.

The ‘Harmy DeSpecialized Editions’ and also the ‘4K77’ and ‘4K83’ releases (4K80 is being worked on - though may take a year or so to be finished) may be of particular interest to you.

Though please take the time to look around and find which project(s) appeals to you.

Also on site are a fair few intriguing Star Wars fan edits knocking around the site - as well as preservation projects and fan edits unrelated to Star Wars.

Good luck with it mate. Moderator

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