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Longer thread counts on each page

The thread count is sooo much shorter than most websites, people typically only check page 1 of the general discussion, and stuff can bumped to page 2 within the same day. I'd love to see more discussion on more of the topics. Longer thread counts per page would accomplish this. Its funny a thread will die on page two and someone veturous enough to go there and post will bring it back from the dead of a week or more of no posting and all the sudden its hot again one page one. Please, think about this. Thanks
16 years I wait and this is what I get???
That's all determined by your settings. The default is 20-25 threads per page. But you can set it to show as many as you want by going into your "customize" options in the top right of the screen. You need to be logged in to the forum to see the customization.
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