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List of Disney plus only content in need of preservation (info + project idea)


So I was thinking that it would be great if someone would release as much disney plus only content as possible, because who knows what will happen, maybe disney will replace the mandolorians rifle with a walky talk next. My Idea for this project is basically to back up everything exclusive to Disney Plus in the highest possible quality. I can contribute The Ice Age Adventures of buck wild, The Ewok Movies, The Ewoks show, Droids, and the final episode of Loki.

This list is a work in progress


Star Wars Content
The Mandalorian season 1
The Mandalorian season 2
Star Wars Visions
Clone Wars Season 7
The Bad Batch
The Book of Boba Fett
Under the Helmet

Marvel Content
The Falcon and the Winter solider
Marvel 616
Marvel Studios Assembled
Marvel Studios Disney Plus Day 2021

Other Content
The World According to Rube Goldberg
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
Disney DIY Sundays

different transfers and versions of films

Star Wars
Forces of Destiny
An Ewok Adventure: The Caravan of Courage
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor

IMAX aspect ratio films
Spidey and his Amazing Friends

Saludos Amigos (Censored Version)
Splash (Censored Version)
Clock Cleaners (Censored Version)
Schoolhouse Rock “The Greatest Show on Earth” (Censored Version)
Adventures in Babysitting (Censored Version)
Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Scope)

Currently Have
The Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor
Under the Helmet


The D+ version of Voyage of the Dawn Treader is presented in the theatrical scope ratio while all other versions are open matte.

Project creator and film enthusiast.


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Darth telly said:
Avatar (Censored Version)

How is the D+ version censored?

There is a version with a censored audio track.

what do you mean? they made any changes to the film or what? i dont get it

In the extras tab there is a censored version available.

That’s the clean audio track version with removed swearing. It’s available on disc.

Oh, I will remove that then.