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Links to the SW music videos, SW fake trailers, and TLJ review i made includes OT PT and ST material


The Phantom Menace and two songs Evgunia Laguna and Deja Vou.

Star Wars A New Hope music video using Bad Guy

The Empire Strikes Back music video using Eyes without a Face. (re-titled, Eyes without a mask)

Return of the Jedi music video using Take me Out. Features the arching theme of Anakins redemption.

A New Hope mixed with The Force Awakens, and the song Cinema. Its about Luke’s dreams and the films as well cinema.

Rise of Skywalker and the music is Cry Little Sister. (Titled Twin Fates)

I wrote a sequal script to follow up and fix peoples complaints in the sequel trillogy and i call it Rise of Skywalker PART II. as its like the second half of the story that everyone wants to have everything make sense. So I will relink that script here at the end and the next videos are fake trailers to that would be movie.

just for fun i made a video where luke doesn’t throw the lightsaber away, in fact he gives it back to her but keeps it somehow… woops… lets go with force trickery on that one, or he had a second one.

Review of TLJ comparing TLJ to Harry Potter key points and … curious possibilities because of it, was Harry Potter a point of inspiration like Kurosawa was?

and of course… Sequal to Rise of Skywalker aka skywalker part II

Brief Arnold cross over with… Carl… from Terminator something something.