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Limit new registrations after Movie Releases


We get lots of trolls when new movies are released, and they turn the various threads into a major mess.

We had to limit new registrations one of the times.

The current Last Jedi mayhem seems to have subsided, but thinking proactively, here are some options to consider:

a) always disable new registrations for the first month a new movie is out
b) put new users through more rigorous screening (not currently possible?)
c) make it easier to block new users until a moderator steps in


I like it, and it seems easy (but who am i to say).

I don’t see any harm in having a new user suddenly blocked, even if it turns out to be by mistake, or a hit job. A mod can easily undo it. Much less of a mess than trying to undo the CRAPOLA that happens with how it currently is.


TV’s Frink said:

Oh wait, maybe I misunderstood, I thought you were suggesting the ignore feature. Now I’m not sure what you mean.

i don’t have a particular implementation in mind.

something like the old ignore could probably fit the bill, but i was thinking more of a global ignore. (until a moderator steps in).

if one or two users already read a crapola first post, i don’t think i should also have to read it. they should have been able to have it blocked before i get to the thread. that is what i am thinking. (Moderator currently can only do this).

I suppose i view it as a way for all members to ‘mark as spam’, then the moderator can see the spam box, and either move it back, or delete it.