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Legacy of the force - book

Originally posted by: Shimraa
Anyone reading this series ...
I'm afraid I don't qualify, but I would be interested to know - what is 'Legacy Of The Force'?
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Its the newest Post-NJO series.

So far, I'm enjoying it, but I have mixed feelings about where the story is going.

I haven't picked up Tempest yet, but I'm heading down to the Student Stores later and see if they have any copies in.
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LOTF is a series of Star Wars novels published by Del Rey. Currently it's up to book 3 with a total of 9 planned. It's the first story set in Lucasbooks's latest "era," the legacy era. Just to refresh everyone's memory, the other eras are Sith/Old Republic (25,000 to 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin), Rise of the Empire/Prequel (1,000 to 0 years BBY), Classic (0 to 4 years after the Battle of Yavin), New Republic (4 to 25 ABY), The New Jedi Order (25 to 40 ABY) and finally Legacy (40 ABY and beyond).

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Shadows of the Empire and The Thrawn Trilogy (well, some of it) are the only post-Yavin novels I've really read. Vector Prime, the first NJO novel, seemed like a must read because of all the hype surrounding it. After reading both it and onslaught, I skipped ahead to Balance Point (once it hit paperback) but just couldn't get into the story. Some day I'll figure out the best way to approach the post-ROTJ EU from scratch.

Recently I had an epiphany about the New Jedi Order series. It got a lot of criticism for being a little too different, but in the end I think Del Rey was trying to tell a story that could only be told in the medium of novels. Notice how there are no comics or video games set during the NJO?

I've heard from people reading Legacy of the Force that it tends to ignore many of the repercussions of the NJO's events which took place a mere decade earlier. The Legacy comic book series, which I have been keeping up with, takes place a century after the NJO and actually acknowledges from the get go how the galaxy far far away is still living with the aftermath of the NJO, ironic since Dark Horse was apparently planning an "invasion" storyline of its own before Lucasbooks scrapped it in favor of Del Rey's NJO, but I digress.

Speaking of the Legacy comics, anyone think that 100 year gap may be LFL opening up a possible time period for more movies????

I had a blast reading the Clone Wars books, and Labyrinth of Evil was probably the most fun I've had reading a Star Wars novel.
I wish i had more time to read....the irony being....i could be reading right now.....(sigh)

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here this is what you do fang, read star by star, from that point on you should get into the series pretty good.

as for legacy, yeah it is kinda annoying, you would think there might be rogue vong everywhere, but no mention of them at all. i want to get intot he comic series, but i dont really want to buy them and i dont know where i can borrow them, so i am kinda stuck there

to sess: yeah i just picked up tempest the other day so far its merely ok.

my biggest problem with tempest, is after NJO, i really got used to the next gen characters being the main ones, so all the stuff with han and leia for the most part i am finding very boring to read. the stuff with jacen/ben/luke is so interesting, as is the galactica politics game they are protraying. can some one say 'the war on terror' with corellia being the islamic states, and the galactica allience being the USA + allies. the other thing thats annoying the hell outta me, why the fuck would wedge become the corellian grand admirable. why would han want to be a damn general, and fly missions against the GA, but in the same breath assasinate his cousin. and WTF where the hell is boba fett that storyline was super interesting and now they just cut him.