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L8wrtr's Prequel Fan Edit Blu-Rays


Hi, I have been posting quite a bit, asking quite a few questions, but this should be close to, if not, the last one.

I was downloading all of L8wrtr’s Prequel edits when I realized that there was a file missing from “The Republic Divided” and “Dawn of the Empire”.
I extracted the RAR files, and in the folders, there were only AVCHD files, unlike “Shadow of the Sith”, which had a BD file.

Have I done something wrong, has he not released them, or is there no need to release them?


Hi younglaaron, there are a few threads already devoted to L8wrtr’s superb Prequel Edits - where you can ask questions and seek info out on.

They are:-

Ep 1: Shadow of the Sith
Ep 2: The Republic Divided
Ep 3: Dawn Of The Empire (opens a link to

There is also an Index of Fan Edits (and much more), here:-

This thread has been moved to a more relevant section of the site - this part is more to to with Star Wars Fan Edits than the General Star Wars section 😉

Good luck - I hope you find the answers you seek. Moderator

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