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KISS: Attack of the Phantoms/Meets the Phantom of the Park Restored project (Released)


Hi I’m new here.

My name is thorgrim, I often go by that but let’s get down to business.

My experience with editing footage is somewhat limited, but here’s my credentials:

I have experience editing my newest video is the SW trailer. But I am learning pinnacle studio atm and wanted to make this a fan project/ learning experience. If I do not know something PLEASE consider that I’m still learning this stuff.

KISS: Attack of the PHANTOMS/ Meets the Phantom of the Park!


During their heyday KISS the prolific rock band made a movie. It was so corny and bad they nearly broke up over it.

**_The tale of rock band KISS and their efforts to thwart a diabolical plan by mad scientist Abner Devereaux. Devereaux has found a way to clone humans into robots in his laboratory at an amusement park. It just so happens that he plans to uses the KISS concert as a platform to unleash his plan on the world. KISS must use their special powers to stop him_.**

Film Specs "Theatrical version":

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Imagine a Rock and Roller power rangers, or if you're more versed in movies, a crappy El Santos film with rock stars.

There are "Three" versions of this film technically.

*   The TV/VHS version from america
*   The European version "The Phantom of the Park"
*   And the Final US version which is the European cut with american audio  


The issue here is allot of the scenes in the European version are cut or edited out entirely.

I will need to analyze bother version before deciding which is better since some scenes are re-shot entirely from what I'm aware? This leads to a major problem with lines entirely missing and tonal changes with the music used in select scenes. 

Here are some of the changes. Via IMDB   

The Spanish/American version of "KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park" (usually known as "Attack of the Phantoms") has totally different editing. Many various scenes/elements not in the US version (while many in the US version are not in the Spanish version). Among of the differences are:</span>

*   Devereaux's Civil War robots are seen attacking the security guard's office.
*   Calvin and Devereaux have a discussion on the Magic Mountain monorail and continue it as they get off the ride.
*   There are additional live shots of KISS, including some from overhead, including one where you can clearly see a cameraman on stage.
*   KISS' promotional videos from 1979, "I Was Made For Loving You" and "Sure Know Something," from their "Dynasty" album, are inserted in the movie as live concert performances, despite the completely different costumes and staging from the previous shot before the songs begin.
*   The entire movie uses different music, especially a lot of KISS solo album music, and even a little bit of an instrumental of KISS' "Almost Human."
*   Paul Stanley shoots Sam's remote control with his eye laser. In the US version, he simply takes it out of Sam's skin with his hand.
*   There are additional shots during most of the KISS fight scenes, as well as many quick scenes throughout the film. Just one example of many, the guy staring at Melissa at the snack bar wipes the table with his hand, while in the US version he does not.
*   This version ends with a shot of Devereaux walking in the park (the scene after Calvin fired him) and then going into the credits which scroll, while the US version ends with KISS performing "God of Thunder."

Now another major issue in the later american and european release is the fact that 'The Spaceman's/Frehley's" Lines are either very minor or entirely cut out of the movie. Due to them mainly being uber cheesy or poorly dubbed. 


My Goal is to one try to fix up the VHS footage as much as possible and recut into the european release cut lines or reworked music. The DVD of "AOTP" Is 720p so we're good there. The VHS transfers so far are very low quality and pixelated sadly. Though out of the two video sources I have There is one that's at 480p to some extent, with VHS color problems though. also Brightness. What can I do to clean this up?


If ANYONE can get a VHS copy and somehow try to transfer it properly. 

I'm not aware if vhs's can be cleaned up or not.  Thanks if you can as most sources for the VHS I've looked into are quite bad. Watchable but bad.

The next major issue is transferring the TV/VHS footage to the europeans widescreen/ letter box. They're about the same footage wise barely any from cuts from what I've seen. But the Tv/VHS version is fairly scrunched. 


  Posters!: []( "")[]( "")

A short review of the Stage Play Version!

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Apparently you can buy a DVD version of the original TV/VHS version.

As kissology vol.2 has the European release. As do have the kissology vol.2\. I do not own this other DVD. I'm not very well versed in how Videos are transferred to digital format beyond some DVD stuff..

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If someone was willing to buy this for like 7 dollars to help me out. This may very well be the best quality version available for the original broadcast MtPOTP. I will look into it further though.

I would love to see if this video source is any good compared to the film version on kissology vol.2?

This version seems to merely be a bootleg. NVM

Please Leave advice below.

Kiss bad vhs

kiss 480 VHS


Note this screen caps from a  youtube upload. Not my disc. Once I get the disc transferred through a program it "MIGHT" be sharper, but since it's a DVD from 2006. They might end up identical. I'm hoping for some minor resolution upgrades since it's the DVd and not youtube though. This is a fun learning experince though. I've only burnt music or DVD's never transferred so yeah!

HOLY CRAP! This is interesting.

So it looks like the VHS shares the same how would I put it the sceen is merely cropped/squeezed! but the VHS has more on the bottom as well! 

Holy crap if I would just edit in the bottom of the screen.
I kind of know how to pull this off, but alignment of scenes as well as color correction to balance them out, plus I'm not for sure if aliasing or smoothing would help the VHS footage. As the 480 dvd is WAY sharper.

Not for sure if I'm doing this right, but here's a comparison from the VHSsources. I will need to compare the brightness to the kissology version.

Then see whats removed added and adjust it. Also if it is possible to transfer the VHS version in a higher quality then for the love of starchild do it!

Tell me more about what I need to know about turning 480 into widescreen?

Alongside the restored/recut scenes I want to include the trailer bumper I got from youtube. It's not too high quality but it's decent.  Also will include the Trailer alongside the film.

I'm in the middle of contacting KISS ARMY through facebook to see if anyone owns the VHS station/ Film masters?


So I've been messing around with color correction!
and what do you know the VHS version is extremely dark and is actually the film version in 4:3. Though for some reason the coloration is off.

I've been experimenting and the intro scene is far clearer and vibrant now. 

Sadly the VHS is full of digital artifacts and or grain. Plus the intro wheel scene has some terrible problems. 

I will upload the intro to the movie with the color correction experimentation. 
Honestly it's merely a test I need to find a good color correction look that is similar to the over all movie, but I'm not for sure how to do this. 

I need to ask around or look at youtube videos. If someone could give me advice that'd be great


I'm sorry I'd really like to do more with this.

But there's not way with my lack of experience and well even if I had a more powerful pc. That  could get this done without help.

Still One Day I'd love to see this come to fruition. 


Would you be able to send me the files You were working with? I’d like to try!