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Journal of the Whills


5000 BBY

The Corellian Federation, Kingdom of Alderan, and Coruscant Hegemony unite in a military alliance to defeat Xim the Despots Slave Empire.

4970 BBY

The Federation, Republic and Hegemony sign the Republican Concords, resulting in the creation of the Galactic Republic.

4970-4500 BBY

Slow Expansion of the Republic

4500 BBY

Hyperdrive is invented, greatly increasing the speed of space travel and the expansion of the republic.

4000 BBY

Civil Discord in the Republic. The Jedi Knights are formed to serve as Guardians of Peace and Justice.

1000 BBY

The Hutts are encountered and defeated by the combined Republic/Jedi Forces

250 BBY

Spaarti Cylinders are invented, allowing the production of stable clones by the Techno Guild, despite protests of the Jedi order of the unethical concept of manufactured sentients.

200 BBY

The Decline of the Republic begins. Great accumulation of wealth in the Techno, Banking, Energy, and Trade Guilds results in widespread corruption and bribery of Senators. The Outer Rim falls into defacto control of the Hutts once more.

80 BBY

Obi-wan Kenobi born on the backwater planet of Tatooine.

62 BBY

Obi-wan Kenobi is recruited by the Jedi Order and undergoes training at the Jedi Legion training centre on Empress Teta.

60-56 BBY

The first Clone War. The Techno Guild attempt to seize control of the Republic. After much fighting the Techno Union is defeated, but it’s leadership disappears from the Galaxy.

56 BBY

Anakin Skywalker is born.

40-33 BBY

The second Clone War. The Techno Guild had fled to the Rishi Maze. They return with Mandalorian Super Soldiers. At great cost to the Jedi and Republic they are defeated. Many of the Republics victories are due to the leadership of Marshal Bail Organa and his subordinate General Obi-wan Kenobi and his White Legions. Despite the victory the Guilds have continued to accumulate great power

30 BBY

Sponsored/bankrolled by the Guilds, Senator Palpatine is elected President of the Senate. Palpatine double crosses them and seizes their assets with the help of the Jedi and Republic Military. The population of the Republic generally supports this move.

27 BBY

Palpatine then turns on the Jedi, ordering their destruction. A trap set during a conference on Empress Teta destroys most of the Jedi leadership. Surviving Jedi attempt to flee to the Outer Rim (Hutt Space).

And then…?

“It is only through interaction, through decision and choice, through confrontation, physical or mental, that the Force can grow within you.”
-Kreia, Jedi Master and Sith Lord