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John Dolittle (Released)


John Dolittle - A Watchable Cut of Dolittle (2020) taking out things most reviewers complained about.

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What was removed?

  • “I’ve got a squirrel”
  • Dolittle not wanting the boy as his apprentice.
    This cuts out a small chunk of the film. Dolittle returning the boy to his family, his father calling him gay, the Fox/Giraffe couple, boy making it to the boat.
  • Dolittle being “lost” at sea
    We all know he’s not going to die, so that is pointless.
  • Godfather Ants
    A lot of people complained about this scene, so I removed it.
  • Lizard Blockage Scene (It would be a spoiler to call it what it is)
    Everyone complained about this scene, so I removed it.
  • Annoying Song at the End
  • Bad Guy “dying” in the post credit scene, now the Bats just listen to him.

What was added?

  • New Mistakes from Zootopia in the credits instead of the other song. It’s from the CD so I had to lower the volume to match the movie.

It’s done rendering now. Just PM if you want it. Warning it’s 3gigs and I only use Mega_Nz because it’s the only file sharing services that doesn’t take hours to upload to.

To me, Star Wars is a brand that means quality, just because it’s a bad SW film, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.