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James Bond: Moonraker (1979) - (Released)


James Bond - Moonraker:An Unloved Season (1979)


I wanted to remove the 2 silliest parts of the film. Jaws’s girlfriend and the gondola-hovercraft in St Marks square. And to tone down some of the other silly gags, but to still keep the tone of Moonraker fun but not campy.

I have moved the opening skydive action sequence to around the 1hr 15 minute mark. I think I have found a place to put it that makes narrative sense to me.

I have borrowed the precredit scene from A View To A Kill to make a new opening to Moonraker.

List of changes:

  1. Replaced pre credits scenes with pre credits Skiing scene from A View To A Kill. The replaced scenes have been moved to later in the story.

  2. Removed Beach Boys song with John Barry music and added some sound effects.

  3. Replaced the start of the opening credits with a small part of A View To A Kills opening credits as Moonraker starts with circus images and images of Bond parachuting which are no longer relevant without those scenes preceding it.

  4. Space shuttle hijack has been moved to right after the opening credits.

  5. Inserted a London MI6 exterior shot from A View To A Kill.

  6. Bond now enters directly into Ms office. The scene where M asks Moneypenny if Bond is back from the African job and Bond talking to Moneypenny are not in this cut.

  7. Took out shots of Bond using a camera that has 007 written on it.

  8. Trimmed comedic shots of gondolier sinking after his gondola is cut in half by a speed boat.

  9. Gondola hovercraft in St.Mark’s square has been cut. A new ending to the Venice gondola speed boat chase has been created using footage from the first scene where Bond is seen in Venice. Bond now pulls up to the dock, gets out, takes a look back at his pursuers and then casually walks away.

  10. Jump scare in Goodheads hotel room has been removed.

  11. Trimmed Jaws shocked reaction when his cable car is about to crash.

  12. Removed Jaws girlfriend Dolly.

  13. Removed a shot of ambulance passing a product placement sign.

  14. Replaced the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN theme and replaced with a John Barry track from Thunderball. Added sound effects to this scene.

  15. Moved the skydiving scene so it now comes after Bond talking with M and Q in Brazil and before we see him in the boat searcing for Drax’s base on the Amazon.

  16. Removed shots of Jaws flapping his arms after his parachute fails to open.

  17. Added music track from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to skydiving scene.

  18. Removed Jaws breaking speed boat steering wheel.

  19. Removed various shots of Dolly on the space station. In shots where she still appears with Jaws I hope it comes across as she works for Drax and is assigned to give Jaws a guided tour similar to how Corinne Dufour gives Bond a tour of the Drax estate earlier.

  20. Added a neck snapping sound effect when Jaws grabs one of Drax’s guards by the face.

  21. Removed Jaws reunion with Dolly. Repurposed some of the footage to show Jaws looking for the docking release system to help Bond.

  22. Removed Bond saying “Don’t worry they’ll make it. It’s only a 100 miles to Earth.”

  23. Removed Nasa guy saying they picked up 2 survivors, a tall man and a short woman.

Various small edits:

Original Venice Gondola scene Vs edited version


If you’re ever interested, I did a Moonraker edit that has similar and different ideas.


I’ve actualy seen it. The Moonraker Plot right? It was good, I really liked it. Actualy when I was rescoring the “magnificent seven” scene I kept rejecting different music options coz I liked the music you used better. So in the end I used the same track as you.