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Info & Wanted: I want to buy them...


I really do. What? Why, the trilogy. Now I know I will have the SE on DVD soon enough - at least I hope GL will keep to the deadline - but I also want to purchase the original, pre-SE trilogy on DVD. I’ve spent enough time looking for them from various sources that finally I thought posting here would be the last chance… Since posting any links, etc., is probably not allowed, could those who have the answer e-mail me with a response ( Thanks…

To cut a long story short, eBay dealers who have it are often fishy or unreliable, or both, and the only reported online source (Mov…op) is now purely a scam site, and I know of no other source… so, if anyone does, could you let me know?

What I’m specifically looking for:

  • the original trilogy, not the upcoming Special Edition.

  • widescreen (duh!)

  • good quality transfers from the laserdisc version - absolutely not the one from VHS.

  • no permanent subtitles, other than the alien languages .

  • real, pressed DVDs - NOT DVDRs, VCDs, CD-Rs (heh).

  • the version that has the original trailers and bonus featurettes (interview with GL, etc.).

  • a seller that does not “ship to United States/Canada only”!

I don’t particularly care about covers and boxes, I can design and print those out myself.

As for payment, I suppose it would be the usual “eBay ways” - cashier’s check, Western Union money order / transfer, Bidpay and such services, cash in registered letter… Absolutely no pAYPAL, because of which I got my card hacked twice already.

So, could anyone let me in on any online boot store similar to Superhappy (who, I’ve heard, actually had them for a while, but certainly don’t any longer…?), or their eBay auction that really fulfills the requirements above?


i dont know if your gonna get real pressed DVDs...
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The original 'silver' versions that I think you are refering to are becoming very rare now. Pressure from the FBI and other so called law enforcement agencies have closed down a lot of the old sites that used to sell them. I can do you a DVD-r set in about a months time with labelled disks if you want but that's the best you will probably get right now.