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Info Wanted: Star Wars 4k77? More info please...


just saw the youtube sample and was very impressed. A 4k restoration from eastman and technicolor prints. couln’t find much out about this other than it’s happening and it’s not the same as the team negative one job, haven’t seen anything here either. Does anyone have the full story?


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More info and links to info on the 4KXX projects can be found here in this thread:-

Some info & help for TN1’s 4K77, 4K80 & 4K83 projects of the Original Trilogy… - in the ‘General Assistance’ forum

& also…

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Hey there.

I was today years old when I discovered that various teams are in the process of restoring the OT to how we saw it when it first came out. It was the 4K77 project that was brought to my attention (on twitter) and I see that with that forum you mention you need to be invited, so that you can register with it. Do you know how to go about getting an invite?