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Info Wanted: Has anyone ever heard of this editor (for halloween 2k7)?


Has anyone ever heard of this edit of halloween 2k7, I’m obtaining it, and I’ll post some shots or something when I’m done, but as far as I know this guy isn’t here or on  He seems to have some talent and I think it would be cool if we could get in touch with him and let him know about our community.

This edit seems very interesting, and follows the original leaked workprint very well judging by the description.

Here’s the cover:

<pre style=“text-align: left;”>HALLOWEEN - THE TRAGEDY OF MICHAEL MYERS

A Fanedit for Halloween 2007 by steFANedit

What is it about? To go for a more sympathetic view of Michael Myers.
This time it´s his story and a more realistic one.

original film name: Halloween Unrated Director’s Cut
new film name : Halloween - The Tragedy of Michael Myers
tagline: Evil Unmasked
film studio name : Dimension Films
Date Original Film Was Released : Dec 18, 2007
Date Edit Was Released : Oct, 6, 2008
Original Runtime : 121 minutes
New Runtime : 120min 55s
Cuts removed/added/extended :

Added Michaels hearing to get transfered to minimum security
Added Michael leaving Smith’s Grove Sanitarium after the rape scene
Added Michael taking the gravestone
Added Loomis meeting up with Sheriff Bracket in the graveyard
Added Alternative scene where Loomis gets the phonecall telling him Michael´s out
Added Alternative death for Lyndas boyfriend
Added Alternative ending, it´s all about Michael Myers, this is his journey, so I feelt that this is a more suitable ending

Debra and Michael out for a walk at Smiths Grove + Loomis final video recording of Michael
Original death scene of Lyndas boyfreind gets killed dressed up like a ghost
Sid Haig at the cemetery, I think the alternative footage is way better + feels more realistic
Koplenson calling Loomis telling him Michael´s out
Cut joke made by Tom Towles character just before Michaels hearing, I just didn´t get it or thought it was funny
Cut the whole bagel thing
Put scenes in different order

Your intention for this fanedit: Make it more realistic and as close to the workprint timeline as possible, I liked that one better, Zombies final movie was just a big leetdown and I can´t belive that he cut out and
altered the scenes that he did. This remake is mainly about Michael Myers, lets keep it that way.

!!!You need to own the original DVD to legally watch this!!!


The text there follows the standard form at, so it's a pretty safe bet that he's already fully aware of the community.


Out of curiosity, if you've not got the edit yet, how do you know that he has "some talent"?


I've seen the edit before, as I had it a few months ago, I lost it when I had to reformat.  He had another edit "The Zodiac - Less Bullshit Edition" or something like that, I just didn't see either of these on, so that's why I was curious if anyone's heard of him.


The edits might not have gotten "approved" and therefore wouldn't be listed on the main site. So the ideas might be good, but the execution of the idea might be crap. That happens a lot.

I used to be very active on this forum. I’m not really anymore. Hi everybody. You’re all awesome. Keep up the good work.


IIRC, the name does sound familiar.  We may have had something over at that wasnt approved for lacking technical quality.  Still though, maybe the editor has improved, and this should go right along with the other firstlings over there.

ThrowgnCpr’s edits on


As suspected...


Posted by Boon at Pirate Bay:

"the aspect ratio is wrong (image stretched).
the image is blurry.
audio: there is a constant annoying white noise throughtout the entire movie.

I think you should get back to this and release a proper version, steFANedit"


thanks uncanny :)
I knew I had written that somewhere...

Nothing about fanediting is easy.