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Info: The Official Codester Productions Release Thread


These DVDs are meant to entertain you and are not meant to be sold for profit. Please do not abuse the privelege of downloading these releases. I hope you enjoy my future releases!

Now onto the releases…

CP001 Titicut Follies

-Technical Specifications
Video Bitrate: around 4.3 MBPS
Audio: Linear PCM
Audio Bitrate: 1 MBPS
DVD Creation Software: DVD Lab Pro
Encoder: TMPGenc Plus
Menus: GIMP

-DVD Features
-Interactive Menus
-Scene Selection

This is the rare, banned film by Frederick Wiseman that is highly sought after. This film chronicles the treatment of patients at a New England mental hospital. Winner of the Manheim Film Festival, some consider this to be Wiseman’s best film. It is highly disturbing and very rare. This DVD was made from a 360MB avi file that is believed to be a VHS of a broadcast.

Rock. Nirvana. Awsomeness.