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Info: Newbie here. I have a bunch of fan-edits already done, and I would like to share them!


Hello fellow fan-editors. Fan-editing has become my hobby and I would like to share them for it seems illogical not to. I would welcome any ideas in improving the movies. Here is a list of the ones that are available right now.

Event horizon

Chronicals of Riddick

Tron 2

Johnny English

Johnny English reborn

Star trek v

Return of the Jedi



Deepstar six

King Solomon’s mines

Star ship troopers 3

2010 the year we make contact

Aeon Flux

Ghosts of mars


Babylon A.d


Interstellar corn (I edited 2 movies out of interstellar, this one is about the corn lol)

The black hole

Battlestar galactica saga of a star world


Matrix 2 and 3 into one movie


Saturn 3



I do have about say 15 more to add but I would like to bring those up to better quality. I am currently working on batman begins. That one is almost done! 😃

Awesome to see more places for sharing fan-edits!

Here is a link for downloading.

Link removed please read the rules*



Hey there Macsvoltage, welcome to the forums.  Unfortunately, direct links are off-limits on this website. You can, of course, just say where to look for your work instead and let people do their google-fu.

I admit some of these sound interesting, but without any information about your changes present here, you probably wont' get much attention.  People like to have a preview of what's in an edit, even if it's only a quick block of text describing your goals.

A Goon in a Gaggle of 'em


What did you do with Saturn 3?  I love that b flick.