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Info: Lost workprints information


Hello everyone,
I was a while back given a very old trading list and unfortunately, that trader has passed away but this list is very interesting and a lot of what this person had would take everything off my want list. These were probably traded around in the 1990’s-2000’s but as of 2018, they’re missing and can’t be found. I’ve been searching and searching looking for traders who may have these or asking around with no luck. I’m wondering if anyone out there has any information on them or where they could be found?

The 13th Floor LBX Workprint
Apt Pupil LBX workprint
Armageddon LBX Workprint *Runs a few minutes longer
The Bachelor LBX Workprint
Basil Workprint
Blade LBX workprint
Body Shots LBX Workprint
Con Air LBX Workprint *Extra scenes
The Corruptor LBX Workprint
Crash Workprint
Crying Freeman LBX Workprint
Deep End of the Ocean Workprint
Disturbing Behaviour LBX workprint (Not the fanedit floating around)
Enemy of the State LBX workprint
Fatal Frames Al festas Uncut Workprint
GO! LBX Workprint
Heavy Metal 2 Workprint
Hideaway LBX Workprint
Holy Man LBX Workprint *Runs 40 minutes longer 147 minutes
In Too Deep LBX Workprint
Jakob The Liar LBX Workprint
Jackie Brown LBX Workprint
Killer Tongue Workprint
Kiss of Death LBX Workprint
Lost in Space LBX workprint 122 minutes
The Mask of Zorro LBX workprint
The Mighty Workprint
Molly LBX Workprint
Next Friday LBX Workprint
Opera LBX Workprint
Pi LBX Workprint
Razor Blade Smile LBX Workprint
The Red Violin Workprint
Run Lola Run LBX Workprint
A Simple Plan LBX workprint
Sleepy Hollow LBX Workprint
Trick LBX Workprint
Vinyl Workprint
Your Friends & Neighbors Workprint

If anyone has info, I can be reached at