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Info: Jurassic Park - Bootleg / Workprint / Extended Cut on video — Page 2


Ivan Batches said:

I’ve borrowed a VHS player and this looks like a cam version. The sound and video quality is terrible and it looks like a camera pointing at a projection from the bad cropping.

Could someone please clarify at what points in the film time wise the missing parts happen, as I’m not that familiar with the movie.

The first one would be around the ~9 minute mark, two characters walking up a hill talking, right before it cuts to a helicopter coming to land.


Try0212 said:

I have the workprint just unfinished effects no deleted scenes

of Jurassic Park?

Some of the discussion in this thread is about Spielberg and deleted scenes. One of the most fascinating things about his releases is how few DO have deleted scenes and they trace to one of two options:

  1. The film at some point released had those scenes and are thus considered part of the cut (or were in some way)
  2. George Lucas was involved and Lucas loves to include those scenes on special edition / collectors edition / etc releases

The Lost World TV cut has the two deleted scenes included and even Spielberg has said he considered them part of the story but were only cut for pacing reasons. So rather than include the TV cut on the DVD / Blu Ray, it’s easier to include the scenes as deleted scenes.

Close Encounters has three cuts and thus each release always contains the three cuts or some variant of them with the changes as deleted scenes.

Raiders of the Lost Ark has deleted scenes on the new releases (Lucas).

and as I write this I DO recall one other release has deleted scenes but are CAREFULLY cultivated ones: Hook.

Hook on the 4k has deleted scenes but it was not long after Robin Williams’ death and every deleted scene included on that set had Robin Williams in it and there was something like almost another hour of deleted scenes so the fact it includes these shows they’re carefully cultivated to focus on his performance and probably scenes / moments that were Spielbergs favourites.

Is it not sad that in this time, we are more surprised by acts of love than acts of hate?