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Info: Doctor Who reconstructions



These are available on VHS, but really, it could be useful to have them on DVD.
The VHS’s will eventually wear out, and we will have lost these well made reconstructions.
I suggest we preserve these amazing episodes.

They have produced:

LC17 Marco Polo
LC12 The Reign of Terror
LC14 The Crusade
LC11 Galaxy 4
LC13 Mission to the Unknown
LC03 The Myth Makers
LC20 The Daleks’ Master Plan
LC16 The Massacre
LC08 The Celestial Toymaker
LC06 The Savages
LC07 The Smugglers
LC04 The Tenth Planet
LC10 The Power of the Daleks
LC09 The Highlanders
LC23 The Underwater Menace
LC18 The Moonbase
LC24 The Macra Terror
LC02 The Faceless Ones
NEW The Abominable Snowmen
LC21 The Ice Warriors
LC15 The Enemy of the World
LC22 Fury from the Deep
LC19 The Invasion
LC05 The Space Pirates

I have not seen all of these, but the ones that I have seen, have been really good.
I have already preserved ‘Mission to the Unknown,’ and I’m hoping that other people can help save some of the others.
Is there anyone around who owns any of these reconstructions, and can help preserve them?
Can someone help?

Best Regards,


A number of these are available via torrent over at demonoid, if you want to star there.