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Info: 'An American Werewolf in London' - VHS Workprint? or VHS alternate cut?


I have been looking in to this film yesterday, It is one of “The Best” horror films, and it appears that the official line on some material (Trims and cut’s) that was excised from the film was thrown out by Twickenham Studios in England.

But the original test screening had a few differences. And people on the internet keep saying they have seen a different version that was either screened by accident in the cinema of the harder cut. Others refer to a uncut VHS tape bootleg doing the rounds.

Is there any truth to these tales?

On the DVD for the 20th Anniversary a number of shots did surface featuring some of the cut material. In good quality also.

Do you think Landis has a copy of the original cut? Landis recently blurted out about the Original Star Wars films to be restored… But he also said something along the lines of “I’m not as lucky as George, they won’t let me go back and change my films because I don’t own them”

The Main Missing scene is called the “tramp scene” where the tramps meet their doom apparently one on top of a car bonnet (Hood). This scene was deemed very disturbing by the test audience (what do they know?) but Landis very much regrets cutting the scene out the film.

The other possible differences are as follows.

  1. Extended Change sequence

  2. Werewolf seen coming around the corner before the Banker on the underground (subway) runs (Banker Mauled on escalator?)

  3. David Spits out the Bankers thumb in the wolf den in London zoo

  4. The Nazi Demons dream within a dream David is gunned down in his hospital bed before waking up and his parents being gunned down is also more graphic

  5. The first dream sequence when David wakes up he tells a nurse “I just killed Bambi!” as he dreamed of eating the deer.

  6. Jack’s bit of toast from hospital dinner falls out his throat and he brushes it off his jacket

  7. More shots of the werewolf in Picadilly Circus running amock and an extra shot more graphic decapitation (different angle of the Decapitated head flying off hitting the car segway in to existing shot) also shot’s of people on the Bus before it crashes and someone fly’s out the window of the bus.

  8. Shower sex scene toned down

  9. Teaser trailer footage of the blood moon would appear to have been part of the film at some point. The werewolf has probably just killed a sheep.

There is also a possible reference to a “Larry Talbot” escaping an asylum and a “mad man” being on the loose prior to the slaughtered Lamb arrival or even before the truck is opened to let David and Jack out of the sheep pen. Weather this was a bit of news on the radio of the truck? And also something the audience are privy too and not David and Jack But a small tidbit and obviously another gag.

Cut Music (could not obtain the rights)

Cat Stevens - Moon Shadow
Bod Dylan - Blue moon

Called out for not using

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

Basically I think considering this was the first film to ever win an academy award for “Outstanding Achievement in make up” it’s a shame that a lot of the make up a special effects shot’s are actually cut from the film and a good number of gags.

So do you think this alternate cut is floating about or not? was there any differences in the pre-cert vhs releases?
It was originally x-rated in the UK and premiered in the UK before America. Basically the claim seems to come from the UK audience having seen a version initially in cinema and or on pre-cert or x-rated VHS or bootleg.

Original Audio never released on DVD or Blu-ray. Laserdisc and VHS contains original sound mix.

35th Anniversary in 2 days time.


Universal is putting out a 35th Anniversary Edition in 1 month. I hope the studio will provide some of those footages.


Yeah It’s got a red banner labeling it as “Restored Edition” and It is a new transfer of the film. With that label it’s probably safe to assume that the original audio will be an option on there? Or one would hope so…

It’s an “In house” restoration by Universal also not farmed out.

Personally I bought the book “Beware the Moon” which expands on the making of the film, big fan of Rick Bakers work. If there is anything that confirms any of these scenes I will keep you posted.

Some of the footage that surfaced is in Beware the Moon Documentary with a big “UNUSED FOOTAGE” plastered on top but it also has like the AVID time code on it so it’s in an edit machine but the “Tramp scene” the “Oozing toast” and some of the others appear to be LOST… Which is a damn shame but it’s that same old spiel again.

The test screening was in America with the different cut so I doubt it’s lost. But people claim to have seen it in the UK some of the missing scenes namely “Tramp” and “Toast” and “Nazi Demons”

Paul Davis the maker of the documentary “Beware the Moon” confirmed the “I just killed Bambi!” scene

There is no new special features on this 35th Anniversary Edition. But Yeah this Film AAWIL and Conan the Barbarian fully uncut I would be a happy man then. Make it so Hollywood 😃