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In Search of SW Score Film Mixes & Special Extended Dance Remix of LAPTI NEK


So this is kind of multiple requests in one, There’s been a user on YouTube uploading various film mixes of the original trilogy, prequels, SE and some other films, including mixes for Various trailers of the OT. (

I Was wondering if anyone has completed a project like this but in a lossless format, as I’m interested in Film cuts of music and preservation of that kind of material. If so could you possibly DM me a Mega link or what have you.

The second request is a flac version of “Special Extended Dance Remix of LAPTI NEK” As this (to my knowledge) is the ONLY release of the film version of lapti nek to any capacity, as it uses the original Stems & such, Although remixed (Not including the fancy man instrumental used for the 97 radio drama of ROTJ), And imo is an extremely underrated album.

Im that guy who likes megazone 23 a little too much