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In Praise of the New Site


That large images in threads, (and image heavy threads) no longer choke my browser is great! Moderator

Where were you in '77?


TV’s Frink said:

This sub-forum isn’t well-traveled, I guess.

Or the list of things people like is very, very short 😉 Administrator

The things you pwn end up pwning you.


Or wrong forum?

Philosophically, people expect things to work. It’s only when things don’t work up to experience, or advertisement, or expectation, that they voice. So, let’s see where it might better go:


  • The Force Awakens: How to behave once the movie is out. This means everyone!
  • We’re on Twitter…
  • Important Message Regarding Team Accounts…
  • Forum software bug reports and feature requests <-- DUPLICATED BELOW?
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Star Wars

  • General Star Wars Discussion
  • Sites and Publications Supporting the Petition
  • Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions
  • Memorabilia Discussion and Buying/Selling/Trading

Preservation Efforts, Fan Edits, and Other Fan Projects

  • Star Wars Preservations and Other Fan Projects
  • Other Preservations and Fan Projects
  • Star Wars Fan Edits
  • Fan Edits of Other Films
  • DVD Covers, Disc Labels, and Other Fan Artwork
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General Chat

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Forum Software and Web Site

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  • Feature Requests and Enhancements
  • Suggestions and Ideas <-- YOU ARE HERE

Hmmm …
And the closest I can see is … [drum-roll][cymbal-hit]

“Off Topic (Unmoderated)” !

“Your love of the halflings’ leaf has clearly slowed your mind”