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Imaginings, new insight to old movies

Just yappin', found this when looking for if the trilogy is on dvd and the cut-off points for when i database them after getting widescreen thx mastered... I signed the petition and definitely love ebay and second hand stores for the originals. Please ignore lack of grammatical corrections.

I was gettin around to watching Episode IV earlier today when I saw a few new things (as always happens) when Grand Moff Tarkin twitched his mouth after learning of the Death Star's weakness when asked of whether or not to prepare an escape vehicle, and something either nostalgically or imagined that Obi Wan did when distracting Darth Vader and turning off the tractor beam enabling the Millenium Falcon to escape. He smiled. Before giving up his life which had meant so much as a "father"ly type to Anakin he swiftly ended Luke's subpar instruction in the depths of the Force. Hope still pervaded his psyche if he was able to see past the helmet and outer shell into the fact he was still alive and kicking, contrary to Grand Moff Tarkin's insisting Darth Vader was the last of the ancient religion, so to speak. He knew what he was doing, obviously, especially after disappearing upon the ending of his life, but why give a cocky wispy smile? I think what little hope he had he was giving Luke, reminiscing over the good times with Anakin, and basically doing a last hoorah for life.

Palpatine could not remove the time spent between Obi Wan and Anakin, but could Darth Vader discern pointless happiness? He stomped on the empty robe a few times to insure nothing was left, and not until (to his disappointment) at the end of the movie did he notice a kid so strong with the force. Note: not light side or dark side, just the force.

I think it's funny how Senator Palpatine jumps between confusing the walled up Jedi into mistaking their own abilities and pushing forward his idea of a working government (albeit selfish). His loose style of leadership combined with the determined forcings behind the scenes shows lightly the intelligence, manipulation even, of the dark side's workings. What I don't get, frankly, is why Yoda, seemingly questioning Chancellor Palpatine when talking about if it will come to war in episode II, says specifically in the room that only the dark side knows of the inability for the Jedi to see past a clouded view to clear a way for an easier future. Shouldn't Chancellor Palpatine, being a politician, be one of those people who are to be misled into assuming something which is not true? Where the line is drawn I can't say, but it's redundant to even ignore half the close-ups of Yoda while Palpatine is talking and the outwardness associated with communication and actual action of the Jedi's relation with the Chancellor. You don't need an old friend to endanger the life of a Senator, no matter how you look at it.

I bring a Dune quote in now because it makes so much sense to me anyways. The easy path leads ever downward into stagnation. The Jedi had cut themselves off from the populace and although being skillful weren't as easy going as the populace seemed to be. The original movies were not subjugated to saying we are keepers of the peace, not soldiers, or we are this not that over continually. The push out of an enclosed area is what I believe Yoda worked towards trying not to end the Jedi line but eventually bowing to the wilings of the anarchists Obi Wan under bond of Qui Gon. Qui Gon seemed to me more the rebel, able to loosely hold his position in lieu of the controlled world of the Jedi. What blocked Yoda at first may have been removing an easy path for the dark side to attack Anakin (Drop, Anakin!). He was quick enough to see and not get "arrogant" as is importantly pointed out through much debate between Mace, Obi Wan, and Yoda about Anakin. Would you tell people about their deaths if you knew it imminent? Always in motion the future is, as Yoda had said in episode V, so flexibility seemed the notion to work behind a facade not unlike Palpatine's...

What's different is Obi Wan tried not to allow Anakin his chance at reuniting with his mother as a Live and let Die lesson. Instead of going back to allowing hope between relations to flourish and blossom Obi Wan believed (IMHO) that as dreams pass in time so do lives, so do nightmares, so can Palpatine. So next time you see a smile, or a twitch of the mouth, consider the acting or directing or rather the greater picture, and keep an open mind without having the script being the only focus point to rely on. A movie is just that, sound, picture, and most of all, imagination. Thanks for reading this far if you have, and keep on rocking the kazbah.

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