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If Rose Tico was in other movies, what would happen?


So I was thinking some time ago if you take Rose line of ‘this is how we are going to win, not fighting what we hate, but saving the ones we love’ and apply it to other movies what would happen?

Well this was made for fun, but here is an example of my most recent video. I put Rose in Return of the Jedi as Vader is about to kill the Emperor (someone he hates at this point) and I have her stop Vader. What will be the result? haha <—Rose in Return of the Jedi

I hope you enjoy it. If you do i’ll keep you guys updated when newer ones come out. My next one will be Rose stopping the T-800 terminator from killing himself and then after that i’m thinking of having her stop Goku from trying to kill Cell in Dragon Ball Z.

I make funny clean ReDub/Edits of movies