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Idea: for a 'Batman Forever - The Fan Cut'....


Hello guys

As we all know Batman Forever was responsible for the campy turn on Batman which eventually led to the cinematic atrocity Batman And Robin. But what we don’t all know is that this was not always the case, Joel Shumacher wanted to reboot the franchise while keeping to the characters dark roots. The original cut supported this, with a story paying homage to The Dark Knight Returns. But after the failure of Batman Returns the studio wanted a more kid friendly film and they butchered the movie into the movie which was released.

In 2008 a fan editor named Scaperat attempted to restore the original cut with Batman Forever: Red Book Edition. But the edit was mediocre at best, the colors were way to muted, the deleted scenes not cleaned up, the choice of music for the deleted scenes poor, and in bad DVD quality.

What I plan to do is re attempt this task properly with a Blu Ray source, I will clean up the deleted scenes properly and edit in a Phantom Editor style way. Here is a basic idea of the cuts I plan to do.

1. Add all the deleted scenes and clean the up.

2. Remove as much jokes as possible.

3. Try to make the villains more sinister.

4. Make the end credits have Eliot Goldenthals score instead of the first pop song (A kiss from a rose will be kept)

5. Mute the colors a little bit but not as much as. Red Book Edition.


Sounds great, I watched the regular DVD the other day and couldn't get much into it. The 90s were an odd time.

I hope your edit can make it more enjoyable! I noticed that the TLJ performance seemed to have informed the Joker in TDK.



I think all 90's movies should have their end titles sequence corrected with score.

Batman Forever
Bone Collector

list goes on! The only one it ever worked on was Titanic because it was the pure horner produced version of My Heart Will Go On. Not the poppier recording for music video, Celine's CD and touring.

But yeah, I'd look forward to a darker version of Batman Forever, even though I do love that movie as is minus the pop song ending. I will be following this I hope you are making some inroads!


Hey Fiery Editor,
Wondering if you've made any progress on this. It certainly sounded promising from your description.

A Goon in a Gaggle of 'em