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Idea & Info: using Star Wars DVD and PDA/Smartphones to help educate...


I know this may be off topic, but I wanted to share with everyone of a good tool to use when discussing SW. I ripped Wookie Split Screen into small avi files (using xvid codec) to be viewed on my Treo 650. I have a SD 1 GB card and I can fit all of these movies on it (each movie ends up being about 230MB).

I get into discussions with people all the time that believe the changes for the SE in ANH, ESB, or ROTJ are minor. So now, after arguing with them for a few minutes, I get out my Treo and play them one of the versions of the split-screen and then they get real quiet. Then when they are done watching a scene or two, they usually are in awe of 1) that my phone can play movies and 2) (and more importantly) once seeing the vast differences in a lot of the scenes (that I have bookmarked), they usually tend to agree that I was right about the changes being unnecessary.

Also, it will be great to stand in line for Episode 3 and have my Treo in hand, watching the previous SW movies. It sure will make waiting in line this year a lot more fun.

Thanks Rik for putting these in my hands, Wookie Groomer for making this great set, and to all of you that contribute in preserving the SW universe. I have most of the discs here that you guys talk/made. They really have brought a lot of joy and entertainment to me and my friends. Time to go back and lurk but keep up the AWESOME work. Thanks again.

Now THAT'S my kind of Star Wars geek!

<span class=“Italics”>MeBeJedi: Sadly, I believe the prequels are beyond repair.
<span class=“Bold”>JediRandy: They’re certainly beyond any repair you’re capable of making.</span></span>

<span class=“Italics”>MeBeJedi: You aren’t one of us.
<span class=“Bold”>Go-Mer-Tonic: I can’t say I find that very disappointing.</span></span>

<span class=“Italics”>JediRandy: I won’t suck as much as a fan edit.</span>

Mumnle mumble, stupid Orange, mumble mumble no Treo 650 in the UK yet mumble mumble stuck with Treo 600 mumble mumble