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Idea: X-Men 3 - Deleted Scenes - fan edit?


EDIT (October 2nd)

Having seen the new film X-Men 3 very recently, I can tell you that I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, after going online afterwards and reading some message board posts, I began to realize (along with other people) that there was apparently a whole boatload of scenes cut out of the final product. I have compiled a list of every scene I read about that was either:

a) used in the trailer, but not in the final film
b) shown in magazine articles, but not used in the final film
c) shown at the pre-release screenings, but were cut out of the final print
d) shown only in certain areas of the world

There have been reports of different “secret scenes” being played after the final credits roll. According to reports, the Xavier scene was sent to all theatres in North America, and the scene was supposed to be on the international prints as well, but apparently other cuts were sent out with different scenes before the final prints were locked. These codas include:

-Moira McTaggert walking into a hospital room to check on a patient (the same subject being talked about at the beginning of the film who had no consciousness) who says to her, “Hello Moira” in Charles’ voice (most widely seen ending)
-A shot of an empty corridor in the X-Mansion, but suddenly the walls start shaking, and the scene moves outside to Jean’s grave, which has a giant hole in front of the tombstone (reported to be shown at theatres in France)
-A scene with the human Mystique walking up to Magneto and giving him a wallet (not sure if this is confirmed)
-a scene at Alkali Lake, where the water suddenly turns red and a beam shoots out from under the water (reported from theatres in France)
-a scene in a hospital where two doctors are looking at an unconscious Cyclops, and they say he has brain damage, then his eyes open and the screen goes red (supposedly seen during a pre-release screening)
-a shot of Pyro walking into Xavier’s school (reported at theatres in Hong Kong)

Also, there was a bunch of stuff deleted from the film. In addition to this, reports at, and here, there are many differences between the pre-release version screened and the final print. These things include:

-(from trailer) a shot of the Sentinel’s leg crushing a car
-(from aired footage on The Tonight Show) Wolverine hollering when Colossus throws him towards the Sentinel
-(from pre-release screening) noises of the Sentinel’s body crashing into the ground, as well as Wolverine hitting the ground
-(from trailer) Bolivar Trask saying to the President, “You are talking about declaring a war on U.S. soil.”
-(from pre-release screening) Magneto saying in the church sequence, “Who will you stand with when this massacre is upon us?”
-(from trailer) Magneto throwing a police escort vehicle into the semi holding Mystique
-(from trailer) Scott screaming at the sky during the Alkali Lake sequence
-(from publicity photos) Angel standing by a window before his father tries to inject him with Cure
-(from magazine photos) a diagram being shown that details how Cure is injected into the body (may be a storyboard)
-(from pre-release screening) Logan telling Xavier that he was only able to find Scott’s glasses at Alkali Lake
-(from trailer) Logan saying to Jean, “We can make it like it was!” while she has tears streaming down her face
-(from trailer) Magneto screaming while down on the floor during the house sequence with Jean and Xavier
-(from magazine photos) a scene where Storm gives Kitty a hug after Xavier’s death
-(from magazine photos) Colossus consoling a child after Xavier’s death
-a scene with Rogue’s mother (confirmed by the film’s scriptwriters)
-(from trailer) alternate shots of Magneto walking along the bridge at sundown, and the Golden Gate Bridge falling at night-time
-(from a scene where Pyro shoots a fireball directly into the camera during the final battle sequence
-(from pre-release screening) Colossus getting levitated over to Magneto, and then Colossus says something to the effect of, “Try it without the power of magnetism on your side,” and de-armors himself, then he tries to hit Magneto, but gets rushed by other mutants, and when he armors up again, Magneto throws him away
-(from pre-release screening) at least TWO instances where Colossus and Juggernaut fight each other: one where Cain is going into the Alcatraz facility to kill Leech, and Colossus locks arms with him for a few seconds trying to stop him, before getting thrown into a vehicle, and then, later on when everyone is fleeing the island, Colossus throws Juggernaut towars Leech, which causes him to lose his powers, and when Cain runs towars Colossus again, he gets knocked out (the second incident is unconfirmed)
-(from trailer) at least one unused shot of Juggernaut running through a wall that didn’t make it into the final cut
-Psylocke using her psychic blade (confirmed by the film’s scriptwriters)
-(from pre-release screening) every time Colossus armors up, a metal clinking noise is heard
-(from DVD featurette) a scene with Storm and Xavier on a balcony, where she tells him that in Africa, she was revered as a god because she could stop the droughts in the humid areas
-(from on-set footage shot by Cameron Bright) there is apparently more footage with Cyclops…in costume

Needless to say, there is a LOT of unused and alternate stuff that wasn’t used. If anyone wants to take a crack at making a CD or something with photo galleries, the trailers and descriptions of the unused bits, there’s a wealth of materials at the links I posted.

-Moira McTaggert walking into a hospital room to check on a patient (the same subject being talked about at the beginning of the film who had no consciousness) who says to her, "Hello Moira" in Charles' voice (most widely seen ending)

You know that that's still in the film, right? It's after the credits (a monk's reward).

I just dl'd a cam boot from France and am not seeing any of those reported French shots.

Also, the rumour is that the performance from Daniel Cudmore (Colossus) was subpar and, thus, he ended up on the cutting room floor. Had the same been true in the first movie, there would have been a lot less Storm.

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great idea. I actually have a bunch of trailers and tv spots on this very comp and do remember a lot of the scenes mentioned being in them. Some time tomorrow I'll go through them all and cut a quick vid together of the missing bits and post it on youtube perhaps...
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Originally posted by: crazyrabbits

-(from trailer) Logan telling Bobby before the final battle, "You might not come back. She (Kitty) might not come back. Are you ready for that?" and Bobby saying, "We're not kids anymore."

I was actually waiting for that scene! I remember sitting in the theater going "when is he going to say that line?" I thought it was a good line. I hope they put it back in the DVD version.

And this movie could have been a ton longer.
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Knowing Fox they will release a bare bones DVD and then an Unrated DVD 6-12 months later to tie into a Wolverine solo venture ....which sucks because if there are any fan edit crew here i know they want to get their hands on the deleted footage so that X3 will work the way it should have in the first place ....from a fan edit point of view .......This movie could have been really great , instead of sucking the way that it did....rush rush rush ...get the run time down so we can make more $$ per screening !!! 98 min film time and 7 mintues of credits

I cannot WAIT till the fanedit hits !!!!!
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X3 DVD details have been released.

THREE alternate endings, and TEN deleted scenes ... massive edit possibilities, perhaps?
absolutely. I suggest ADM do it. As much as i trust everyone, ADM does some of the best extended editions and we really need this one to be exceptionally good. If he's not up for it, up for grabs i guess lol!
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I love how Ratner said back in May (in probably the only interview I read) that there would be no deleted scenes on the DVD because he got every scene he filmed into the movie. If I had more gumption I'd Google the damn article and post it here. Lying hack (and I say that with the utmost respect ).
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I thought his comments were about not having an extended cut rather than not having deleted scenes.
I'm very skeptical, if anything can save this movie.
If there are only (and a what a funny word that is) three alternate endings on the DVD, then at least one of the endings I posted has to be a fake. In addition, I think a couple of those deleted scenes (Wolverine at the bar in Canada, Rogue's mother) would have seriously hampered the pace of the film. Then again, there are things (like the expansion of the final battle, more Angel scenes, more exposition) that could make the film a bit more coherent.
Originally posted by: ADigitalMan
I love how Ratner said back in May (in probably the only interview I read) that there would be no deleted scenes on the DVD because he got every scene he filmed into the movie. If I had more gumption I'd Google the damn article and post it here. Lying hack (and I say that with the utmost respect ).

Well, that didn't sound right based off interviews I had seen so I HAVE Googled up a few Ratner interviews all from May. He had a lot to say about numerous alternate takes, it was actually quite humorous to see how nearly all the interviews focused on that now that we know the DVD has three alternate endings! All the interviews said that there was going to be plenty of bonus scenes on the DVD, but that he wouldn't create an extended edition because there weren't that many deleted scenes, though every interview alluded to at least some deleted scenes existing.

I think part of the reason why some people may disagree with the percentage of deleted scenes is that Ratner's personal definition of 'deleted scenes' might be different to others. Some of the alternate scenes are 'very alternate', so some would consider them deleted scenes.

"Probably 99 percent of the scenes I shot are in the movie, but there are other versions of it that were shot," he said. "Until I saw the movie, I wasn't sure in which direction I wanted to go. For instance, the Rogue scene. Should she get the cure or should she not get the cure?

"So there was a lot of variations."

[edit]Just remembered something else said. When talking about alternate scenes he emphasised that there was a heap of variation in the whole third act. So those three alternate 'endings' could actually be quite long and feature quite a lot of what was mentioned in this thread.[/edit]
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With the official DVD coming out Tuesday, I guess I should probably update you folks on the deleted scenes they're including on the disc, just in case anyone ever wants to take a stab at it (no pun intended):

The following deleted scenes are ALL on the U.S. DVD , as far as I know:


1) Xavier Voice-Over For Main Titles
Continuing the tradition of the first two films, a chunk of exposition. Dropped because it was deemed superfluous. (I don't think this is the same speech as the one he gives in the trailer.)

2) Alternate Version: Beast Meets Logan
A slightly more antagonistic first encounter between Wolverine and Beast.

3) Jimmy in Laboratory
Shots of Leech being scanned, and various scientific bits of equipment being used to create the cure.

4) Plastic Weapons Manufacturing
Shots of soldiers manufacturing the plastic guns used in the final battle.

5) Pyro Tells Magneto About The Cure Announcement - Clean Shaven Version
Short "They just announced it!" scene between Pyro and Magneto.

6) Pyro Tells Magneto About The Cure Announcement - Bearded Version
A different version of the same scene, only with a bearded Gandalf - err - Magneto.

7) Alternate Version: Guard Yells at The President
A more expressive version of the scene where the imprisoned Mystique impersonates the President: "Mr President, shut the **** up!"

8) Extended Fight Sequence at Jean Grey's House:
A much more brutal version of the scene where Wolverine and Storm try to get into Jean's house. This includes more Wolverine and Juggernaut mano e mano, and a nice bit of business where Logan becomes a conduit to channel Storm's electrical energy into Juggernaut. Cut because it was "too long".

9) "Psychic Battle" Voices:
During the Phoenix/Professor house sequence, Xavier mentally pleads with Jean to stop, but she says that she is the Phoenix (I think there's an alternate head-on angle of Xavier's POV at Jean. I think it also has temp sound.)

10) Original Version: Jean Displays Her Power at the Encampment:
Jean takes a coffee cup and turns it into a miniature sun, blowing rays of heat at the Brotherhood camp. I liked this scene, as it showed she has greater control of her powers.

11) Alternate Version: Bobby and Kitty Skate
A "controversial" version of the skating scene, only this time they kiss, adding more of an incentive for Rogue's actions later in the film.

12) Hank Warns Trask of Magneto's Plan
As the military prepare to enter Magneto's forest hideout, Hank calls to warn them that Magneto may be preparing an attack elsewhere.

13) Original Version: X-Men Board The Jet
A different version of the rallying scene between Wolverine and Iceman, shifting the emphasis to Iceman. Some of this version appeared in one of the trailers.

14) Jean Senses a Scared Little Girl
An extension to the scene where a family, trapped in their car on the bridge, encounter Magneto. It also helped take the scene from daylight to dusk - it was cinematographer Dante Spinotti's favourite scene of the film.

15) Wave!
An addition to the attack on Alcatraz - Storm creates a deluge, to fend off a wave of attacking Brotherhood members.

16) Bobby vs. Phat:
Remember the fat mutant at the church meeting, who shrank down in size so he could sit down? Well, here he returns, during the Alcatraz attack, where he is brought down by Iceman and Colossus. This scene was cut because it wasn't well-executed. (Really? Lame excuse.)

17) Beast Breaks a Neck
Cut to ensure a PG-13 rating.

18) Magneto Asks Jean To Help In The Battle
A nice addition to the Alcatraz attack: Magneto sees that some of his pawns are being cut down by cure weapons, and demands that Jean step in to help. "You sound like him again", she observes, referring to Xavier.

19) Alternate Version: Here's Juggy
A version of the scene where Juggernaut enters Leech's cell, with dialogue paying tribute to The Shining.

20) Magneto Tortures Logan
Slightly extended version of the "You never learn" torture scene.

21) Extended Dark Phoenix Destruction: Consists mostly of an extended tracking shot of the facility and soldiers getting blown up. Why didn't they use this in the final film?

22) Alternate Ending: Rogue Returns
A gloved version of the scene where Bobby greets Rogue on her return to the school...

23) Alternate Ending: New School Year Begins
Shows Hank returning to teach at Xavier's school, instead of taking on the Ambassador's job.

24) Wolverine going back to Canada for some reason Logan Returns to Canada

There's still a bunch of stuff that hasn't (or won't) be released. There's an article that mentions the actress who played Psylocke (and the work she did in the film) here, and there's still all the stuff from the original post that never got in.

And wait until you get a load of what the reasons for cutting the scenes were. Try reading this page and this as well.
I would love to do a re-edit of this film. I loved the first two films, but thought the second one focued too much on action and didn't really payoff on what had been built up. Not to mention the pointless death of Scott. I'm not against the killing of characters and thought the Xavier scene worked well narritively, but Scott's death was a joke.

The real question on my mind is whether the film can be salvaged with these. Most of the ones I've seen don't really help. The Golden Gate shot sound's intrigueing. I thought it was ridiculous in the film that one shot is dusk, the next, which seems mere minutes later is dead of night.

The Magneto/Jean scenes look promising. As does the voices in the Xavier scene. The Rogue scenes might help too.

It makes me wonder if one could cut Cyclops' death out altogether. Maybe just have him leaving. It's been a while so I can't remember.

I'm not even sure if I'm getting this. I know my sister absolutely hated the film. Before I saw it she called me in tears about it. I know when i saw it I kinda just freaked out over it. I wish I had a recording of it. I didn't outright hate it, but I knew several things didn't work for me.

I'll see if mom'll pick it up as well tomorrow. If so, i may attempt something. No promises though.

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just saw these scenes, for the most part they're pretty damn cool. i'd really like to do this edit, has anybody claimed it first? i dont want to get started if someone else has first dibs, hah.
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Just as an FYI, there's another deleted scene that hidden in the Scene Selection menus, featuring Beast quoting Shakespeare. It's on the 10-12 screen, I believe. You need to highlight the little (X) logo in the bottom right corner.
Wasn't there two little hidden scenes? I believe the other was one of the X-Jet landing... someplace (can't remember where exactly).

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Yeah, the X-Jet landing in Washington is hidden within the deleted scenes menu.
Very odd. I rented this film from Rogers Video here in Canada and they did not have all those deleted scenes. They only had 13. When I double checked in my PC the disc was labeled STANFERD_BRIDGE for some reason. Somethings fishy here...
The region 2 release was 2 discs and contained 21 Deleted scenes. The Region 1 release was 1 disc and contains 13 Deleted Scenes. Also, my DVD says STANFERD_BRIDGE like yours. When studios are producing DVD's the give them project names so if someone hacks the system they don't see the official movie name and it makes it harder for them to steal the movie off the system. The ROTS DVD is called "Charolette".

Thanks Marvelo. Looks like I'll have to wait for the eventual R1 double dip from Fox before I take a crack at a fan edit. I'm sure I can do a first go on some of my other movies.
You should check this out to see the difference between the 10 & 21 scene releases. Fox messed up while most regions outside of R1 got a 21 scene DVD set.
I'm working on an X-Men 3 edit in Womble and trying to incorporate as many deleted scenes as possible. I'd been unable to change the timeline setting from 29.97 to 23.96 when I decided to check out the source clips, and it turns out they're 29.97.

Is this correct? I can't believe Fox would encode a brand new high-budget movie in anything but 24p. I ripped the DVD with DVD Decrypter and then threw the files into Vegas and Gspot, both of which say it's 29.97.