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Idea: The Kevin Smith Secret Stash Collection - Proposed project. (* unfinished *)


Hello,I’m back and even back with a New Series idea.

The Kevin Smith Secret Stash Collection

What could be included?

Mallrats ABC TV Cut
Mallrats Dailies
Clerks On Location Tour(a Fan’s recording of a tour led by Brian O’Halloran)


Clerks TV Cut
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Workprint
Chasing Amy Workprint
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Harder
Zack & Miri Make a Porno Extended Workprint

Stuff that would have to be made/found…
Clerks “The Cannes Cut” FanEdit with the First Cut just without the down ending
Chasing Amy Extended Edition

Dogma Extended Edition
Inaction Shorts Ripped to DVD
Complete Collection of Clerks II Train Wreck Diaries Ripped to DVD
YouTube Kevin Smith Interviews & Q&As Ripped to DVD
Maybe a FanMade Audio Commentary for Zack & Miri Make a Porno made up of Smodcast conversations
Compilation of Smith’s RoadSide Attractions on Tonight Show
Compilation of Smith TV Appearences(Examples-Politically Incorrect/Real Time with Bill Maher,Late Night Talk Show Interviews,etc.)
Pilot Episode of Reaper that Smith Directed(Maybe with a bonus audio clip from Smodcast where he discusses the gig)
His 2-Episode Arc as Himself on Joey(from Season 2)

"You don't know the power of the Dark Side!"

"When Theres No More Room In Hell,The Dead Will Walk The Earth"

I have been a huge Kevin Smith fan from the beginning, and I know I have some gems in my collection here and there.

Primarily, I recorded lots of promotion for "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back," including an E! special, an MTV2 special, a night of Kevin Smith material on FX, appearances on the Tonight Show, Politically Incorrect, and Regis & Kelly.

I have an MTV "Secret Stash" special done around the introduction of the MTV bumpers that were later recycled as bonus features (with the copyrighted music stripped out, natch).

I know I have a couple of Kevin's "Roadside Attractions" bits he did for The Tonight Show.

I hope I still have in my possession Kevin and Joey Lauren Adams on the MTV incarnation of Squirt TV.


Ok. Now we're talking. This is the project I have been waiting for. I've been lurking for a loooooooong time, and I haven't been active in the OT scene in almost 3 years, but I think I can be of use to this project. I have, in no particular order:


Chasing Amy workprint

J&SBSB "workprint" (actually the final test screening edit)

Clerks location tour video (on VHS, 1st GEN dub from the guy who was on the tour and taped it, then sold copies on eBay back in '03)

Train Wreck shorts, the whole collection from

Mallrats and Dogma scripts ( I think Mallrats is 3rd draft and Dogma is 1st, but I need to check when I get home). I could take these to Kinkos but copies would be pricey. Over 200pgs each. Theyd make killer PDFs.

Kevins "Superman Lives" screenplay treatment, in txt format.

Playboy 1998 Kevin interview (whole mag actually, bc i wouldnt tear out the interview.) I can scan this to BMP.


I may have more, but I'll have to dig. If you guys are interested, I can send out copies of everything I have. The JSBSB needs some fix up work due to an audio glitch, and Chasing Amy is very high-gen from VHS and looks and sounds like crap, but its the only known source.


Email me or msg me and we can get this ball rolling! Ive been dying to get this stuff out there, I just needed more fans to help.


What do you mean there's no ice? I gotta drink this coffee hot?!

Okay I'm bumping this. I'd really like to get someone to help me get this project started. I thought of another fan project someone could make for this collection like a Fan-Made Audio Commentary for Zack & Miri using SModcast audio.

"You don't know the power of the Dark Side!"

"When Theres No More Room In Hell,The Dead Will Walk The Earth"

When this comes out, how can I get a copy? I also have all the special features from the dimension special edition of J&SB and the criterion of chasing amy if that helps.


Okay gonna bump this thread again to see if anyone wants to kick-start this and make it a reality.



"You don't know the power of the Dark Side!"

"When Theres No More Room In Hell,The Dead Will Walk The Earth"

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Workprint and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Harder are on myspleen

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Has the Clerks On Location video been made available anywhere online?  I'm curious if I show up in the background, as I was there that day! :-)