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Idea: 'Star Wars Episode VIII: A Spark of Resistance' (Last Jedi Fan Edit) or I May or May Not Know How to get this made...


Greetings everyone, I am currently deciding to make a fan edit of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi but I wanna rename it to: A Spark of Resistance but I wanna let the changes be secret but I am letting in on the opening and the crawl. It won’t start with the Battle of D’Qar. It will open with Luke and Rey. And he won’t toss away the Lightsaber. But I need voice actors for Luke and maybe a few others down the road. IDK if this is the right place. But I will need resources for sounds since I don’t have a good DVD Ripper and I’m not that rich. But Please support. Thanks guys and may the Force Be With you.


Ok since copyright is a bitch on YouTube for me, I present my rough idea and how I have assembled the opening of the fan edit.

Changes so far as of (8/15/2020):

-New Luke and Skellig Michael shots from Documentaries and Production Shots
-Removed “We’ve Caught Them Right In the Middle of their Evacuation” and “I Have My Orders From Supreme Leader Snoke…”
-Most of the Battle of D’Qar just to make Poe look like the “hell of a pilot” he was called in TFA
-Removed Snoke and Hux’s conversation
-Removed Paige Tico and those Stupid Bombers

Things to Add:
-New Music from previous movies or other Star Wars media

  • New Luke and Rey Dialogue
  • New Kylo Ren shot with mask watch Resistance Escape
  • Voiceovers from TFA before Finn awakens. Eh. Eh.