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Idea: Muppet Family Christmas


There’s been much discussion on this site about preserving the original Muppet Family Christmas, as broadcast, because the commercially available DVD version is incomplete.

I have a tape of the original, complete broadcast of the show and am willing to send it to someone who promises to make as good a capture as possible, given the source material (probably ELP on an almost 20 year old tape). I tried using a basic VHS-to-DVD recorder transfer and posted it to Demonoid before Christmas, so you can find it there if your interest is piqued.

There are, I think, two ways this preservation could go:

  1. A straightforward preservation of the VHS tape, which would be consistent in quality.
  2. A mix of the available DVD where possible and the VHS tape where necessary, which would have higher quality at some points, but lesser at others.

I appreciate all the work people on this site do, but my technical skills–and my equipment–are nowhere near adequate for this task. All I can do is provide the tape and my gratitude to someone who can preserve it for posterity.

Thanks to everyone who does so much for this site.


PS: PMs are on.


There’s a decent VHS capture of the original broadcast available on YouTube with the commercials intact.
There was also a PAL DVD release from around 2001 which is uncut, but from what I’ve read online even that version has a few edits applied.