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Idea: Doctor Who - Key To Time - series fan edit


has any one ever thought of editing the entire dr who key to time series
into on gant episode with a new opening title : doctor who the key to time

basically to the 6 episode season into a mini series
can some make a attempt at this fan edit of course
I personally would be able to make the edit because my pc for one thing does not have enough ram
only 512 megs and a have 20 hard drives one win xp and one for fedora core 3 linux i use kino for editing
because Cinelerra very has compex gui that i have yet to master. BTW here’s a link to Cinelerra FOR all you
advanced linux user if you interested, it is both open source and free to download has a heck of a lot of power
it even can open the official file format of ILM


thanks catofong

"Tom Baker is
one and only

doctor who".............