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Idea: Darth Lucas's Prequels


Hi all.  I’m stepping back from some of my more ambitious ideas to just take on the prequels.  These will be what I’ll call semi-radical.  They will still be the same stories at heart, but there will be some re-ordering of scenes to create more suspense in the plot, soundtrack replacement in some places (tedious but worth it), an all around color correction to better match the OT, as well as small tweaks that may very well go unnoticed.  Also, it pretty much goes without saying that I will deal with the same issues addressed in pretty much every edit thus far.  I am currently working on Episode I.  I am not very far into the edit so far, but some noteworthy changes:  I will be writing a custom crawl to fit in with the simplified storyline as well as a brand new opening shot.  The film now begins with the invasion of Alderaan (formerly Naboo).  I felt this created a more dramatic opening that draws subtle parallels to ANH as well as perfectly set up the plot of the movie.  The film now centers around the Galactic Federation (no longer the trade federation) who are a separate government from the Republic occupying the other half of the galaxy.  The Federation has started to invade systems in an attempt to take control of the Republic.  Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are sent as ambassadors to form a truce and avoid war, unaware that the Federation has already begun their invasion of Alderaan.