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Idea: Austin Powers - "lost" special features


Hey everybody,

New guy here, looking to take up a project or two to get into the Fan Edit/Preservation hobby.

The film that seemed a natural for me to begin with is “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.” First, because the film itself was released in two different incarnations and second, because the DVD was really weak compared to the packed editions done for the sequels.

If there are any materials out there I am not aware of, I’d be happy to hear about them. As it stands, I know of the following:

  • Austin Powers Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club MTV special

  • Comedy Central “Spyography” special

  • Frau Farbisina wrap-arounds for TBS premiere of the film

  • Ming Tea “BBC” music video

  • Costume design and alternate poster galleries

I never taped the original Austin Powers “Spyograpy,” so that is the main item missing in my collection.

I have a first-generation VHS copy of the MTV special that looks pretty good, but it’s slightly marred by some noise and irregular brightness (damn cable company didn’t put out a clean signal). Would love to see if anyone else has a copy.

I also have the TBS version on tape, but I haven’t checked the quality in a long time.

The music video and image galleries were special features on the laserdisc that were NOT included on the DVD - the laser was licensed to Pioneer, but the DVD was done by New Line/Warner. I have these as well.

The film itself is ripe for some sort of custom DVD for a few reasons:

First, the original DVD had an altered aspect ratio of 2:1 where the theatrical version was 2.35 scope (filmed Super35).

Second, most people don’t seem to know that the international cut of the film contained a few scenes that weren’t in the US version - along with several extended and alternate sections. The aftermaths of the henchmen’s deaths are in this version, but a cameo by Christian Slater as a security guard wasn’t included as a deleted scene in the US.

For fans of Mike Myers, I also have plans to transfer my VHS copies of two MTV Wayne’s World specials that were done in conjunction with the two films. I have a couple different copies of these, hopefully not all in SLP. Any other Wayne’s World materials would be welcome for a preservation set.