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IF Theatrical Edition, HOW is it going to be?

While the obvious first desire is to have the Theatrical Editions along with the Special Edition - I will either pay (for a 7 disc set including the TE) or not at all (I will boycott the purchase of any SE only edition, at best I will borrow it from one of the local video rentals) - the logical question is "in whatever quality"?

Remember the first MGM DVDs back in 1998? If they were in anamorphic, 16:9 enhanced widescreen they were state-of-the-art new transfers, if they were only in letterbox they were a mere rehash of previously existing letterbox master tapes for LaserDisc.

Since I do own several English, French, Japanese and German versions of the Theatrical Edition on LaserDisc, I would humbly ask but insist of having a picture quality equal to the one of the Special, Ultimate, Archive or whatsoever-called newer version: Theatrical Edition in 16:9 enhanced widescreen.

In regard to the sound properties I feel we are automatically restricted to the 6-channel-magnetic Dolby Stereo sound that will not deliver the same punch like a modern Dolby Digital 5.1 or 6.1 movie.

Because that was the sound format and sound quality some of us experienced the Theatrical Edition during its initial theatrical runs. Asking for more would be hippocritical and the Special Edition would be the unavoidable answer...

Lucas on the colorization of the THREE STOOGES in 2004: "Maybe just the fact that they're in black and white makes it funny, because their humor is dated. But by putting it in black and white, it puts it in a context where you can appreciate it for what it was.Lucas on film preservation before Congress in 1988: "The public's interest is ultimately dominant over all other interests."