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How many times have you bought the movies? — Page 4


CourtlyHades296 said:

  1. Pan and Scan CBS/FOX (CLV Laserdisc)
  2. Fox Video Widescreen (VHS)
  3. Faces Pan and Scan (VHS)
  4. Faces (CLV Laserdisc)
  5. Special Edition Widescreen (VHS)
  6. Limited Edition (DVD)
  7. FOX Video Pan and Scan (VHS)

I have since sold the Fox Video Widescreen VHS and Faces VHS.

^ Never knew this thread existed,

TPM & AOTC VHS Fullscreen Australian
All OOT UK VHS Widescreen
All OT 97 VHS Fullscreen

The “Complete” Saga (2015 Re-Release Blu Ray)
TFA 2 disc Blu Ray
Rogue One 2 disc Blu Ray

All PT DVD Widescreen
Solo DVD

I’ll show Pics later

This is borderline experimental

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I bought this Original Trilogy VHS collection in the early 90s:

I bought each of the prequels when they came out on DVD.

I bought the 2006 GOUT DVD set for the OT bonus discs (still haven’t watched the specialer edition DVDs).

Lastly, I bought this Rogue One Blu-Ray, 3D, DVD, Digital combo pack:


I have 5 different editions of the Original Trilogy on Laserdisc !

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Lando: Well, what’s left of her isn’t scratched. All the scratched parts got knocked off along the way.
Han (exasperated): Knocked off?!


I had the pillarboxed DVDs of both trilogies (I know…) when I was a kid. And I have all the movies on Blu (TLJ on 4k) except Solo.

TV’s Frink said:

I would put this in my sig if I weren’t so lazy.


I have the Faces vhs, the 1997 vhs, the 2001 repacking of the 1997 vhs, the 2004 DVD, the 2006 Gout,TPM VHS, AOTC VHS, ROTS DVD, the 2015 Blu Ray of The Force Awakens, Star Wars Vs Star Trek the tv special, a Star Wars anniversary from some years back, Harmy’s DEED and the first three seasons of Rebels on Blu Ray.

I can answer almost all questions anyone might have about the Sith from Star Wars Legends, and please do PM me for the bd25 DEED(Despecalised Editions), as I have this version, though I can’t answer technical questions about them. Do not go gentle into that good night, Though wise men at their end know dark is right, They
Do not go gentle into that good night.
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For the PT, I have the Widescreen VHS of TPM, and the Widescreen DVDs of AOTC and ROTS.

Force Awakens is the Target-Exclusive Edition, Rogue One is the standard Blu-Ray, Last Jedi is the standard 4K and Solo is the Steelbook.


I bought the 1995 VHS’s of the OT, the 1997 VHS’s of the OT, 2004 DVD’s of the OT, the 2007 GOUT DVD’s, original DVD’s of the PT, and the Complete Saga Blu-ray boxset.

I own the TFA and RO Blu-rays, and the TLJ and Solo 4K Blu-rays.

And then I did make proper blu-ray copies and cases for Harmy’s Despecialized Trilogy too, so I consider it bought considering I had to buy the blank discs, cases, and special prints stuff.


The OT:

ANH Faces vhs pan n’ scan, (received it as a Christmas gift ‘95)

SE trilogy vhs widescreen, (received it as a Christmas gift ‘97, I gave it away in 2012 as part of a vhs purge)

OT dvd widescreen, (mom bought it at costco in early October of ‘04 at costco, I’ve since sold it off)

In April / early May of ‘05 I tracked down used copies of the pan n’ scan faces vhs of Empire and Jedi at a record n’ tape traders at the beach, but since I’m an idiot and was using a bag that had magnetic clamps the Empire vhs was ruined (pretty sure I gave away that bag not long after). I eventually found a used ‘95 pan n’ scan box set (which I held on to for the Maltin interviews, funny how you can find pretty much anything on youtube now) and disposed of the individual copies in the recycling bin.

In May of ‘05, I found a used copy of whatever the first pan n’ scan vhs release of RotJ was (from 1986 I want to say?) at my local video store, which had been a West Coast Video and then a Forbes and was Potomac Video by that point IIRC. I’m pretty sure they were just selling off some of their vhs copies they’d been renting forever, although this vhs of Jedi played remarkably smoothly so maybe these older tapes were really made to last. Anyway, I held on to that also.


TPM vhs pan n’ scan, found it in my Easter basket April of 2000.

TPM dvd, bought it at Suncoast not long after it was released in October of ‘01. I’ve since sold it off, which I kind of regret because it would’ve been nice to have a physical copy of The Beginning documentary.

AotC dvd, got it the week it came out. I still remember that Toys r us was selling it for crazy cheap, only 9 bucks and change, and the other stores had to price match. I got it at Circuit City. I’ve since sold it off.

I’d been in college for a couple years when RotS hit dvd and I actually got it a day or two early since the local mom n pops used book/record store in the town where I went school would break street date regularly. I’ve since sold it off.


I picked up volumes 1 and 2 of the Genndy Tartakovsky clone wars not long after their respective release dates and eventually picked up the ewok movie double feature. I held on to all three of these!

Lucasfilm under Disney:

Picked up TFA on bd the day it came out, as much as it burned my ass to pay in any way for a dvd copy of a movie in 2016 (and a month after the debut of 4k UHD, no less). Strangely enough, my bd’s of TFA and Star Trek ‘09 have both suffered disc rot. Must be the JJ Abrams curse.

I skipped out on buying Rogue One since I knew it would be up on Netflix in due time and also because Disney was dragging their feet about supporting 4k and I didn’t want to pay for a dvd copy I’d never watch yet again, which brings me to…

Last Jedi, which I picked up the 4k combo of the week it came out. It was nice to finally be able to future proof while I wait to buy 4k hardware, but the included blu-ray had the honor of being the first disc to actually lock up my bd player with its overly aggressive DRM. A firmware update a couple weeks later resolved the issue and I was able to get it working in the meantime by unplugging the power and rebooting, but yeah, unexpected to say the least.


I was able to get around the TLJ lockup by turning off some setting. I don’t remember which one. Some Frame rate conversion setting IIRC.

I seriously considered running to Walmart that night to get a new player!

TV’s Frink said:

I would put this in my sig if I weren’t so lazy.

  • The “Faces” boxed set on VHS
  • The Special Edition boxed set on VHS
  • The “Faces” boxed set on VHS (again)
  • The Phantom Menace on VHS
  • The GOUT

Thankfully, all this stuff was bought secondhand; Lucasfilm didn’t receive a penny.

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For the Ewok films, I have the Caravan of Courage Demo Tape and the 1990 Laserdisc of Battle for Endor.


Let’s see…

  • The early 1990s US VHS set (with yellow logos and From Star Wars to Jedi) was owned by my grandma and loaned to me for an obscenely long time
  • The 1995 Faces VHS set (Christmas gift)
  • Faces ROTJ VHS (after the tape in my trilogy set was too worn out to play anymore)
  • 1997 SE VHS set (gift)
  • Phantom Menace Widescreen VHS box set (first personal purchase)
  • 2001(?) SE widescreen VHS set (because I wanted the OT in widescreen and that set wasn’t advertised as being the SE, plus it matched TPM)
  • TPM 2001 widescreen DVD
  • AOTC widescreen DVD
  • 2003 Clone Wars DVDs (Vols 1 and 2)
  • 2004 Widescreen OT DVD set
  • GOUT DVD (sold my 2004 set around this time too)
  • initial Complete Saga BR set (sold a couple years later)
  • Repackaged Complete Saga BR set (with the Vader packaging)
  • TFA BR (sold later)
  • TFA 3D BR (for the commentary and new deleted scenes; this is when I sold my initial BR)
  • Rogue One BR
  • TLJ 4K/BR combo
  • Solo BR (had since sold my 4K BR player so didn’t bother with the 4K on this one)

Somewhere along the line I bought the TCW movie and S1-5 box set, but I loaned that to someone and haven’t gotten it back in a year or two. A little upset about that, especially given how much the movie on BR goes for. Hoping for a full box set after S7 comes out.

Haven’t bought any Rebels DVD/BRs at all. Was pissed when they were still 1.78:1 while the TCW discs were opened up to 2.39:1 for home video. Will get Rebels discs if I ever want to do an edit, or if someone does one that seems interesting, but for now my digital copies are good enough.

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