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How I would have done Star Wars


Needless to say this is not original. I will be shamelessly ripping on ideas many other people have done for rewrites the only differences are that I pick and choose what goes in. If anyone wants to flesh these out they have my blessing as the more trilogies I plan the less I flesh out.

A New Hope and the Empire Strikes back are the same(duh)

Star Wars Episode 6 Revenge of the Jedi:It starts with Luke being back on Dagobah climbing a mountain to get a Crystal to power a new lightsaber. Yoda reveals to Luke that he’s dying and says he has to confront Vader who is his father and that he has a twin sister. Luke than sees the forest ghost of Obi-Wan and rants to him about his deception. Obi Wan says that he was wrong to hide the possibility from him but also says he was not sure about it to begin with. Palpatine had an apprentice also called Darth Vader who Anakin had to become a Dark Jedi to seemingly kill in a three way duel which included Obi-Wan. He then explains how he then bested anikin later in the duel and left him for dead. Luke storms off back to the rebels and he takes part in Hans rescue from Jabba’s palace but instead of Tatooine it’s on a scottish moor looking planet. The plan makes more sense but it’s revealed to be a trap by the Empire and rebel forces have to shoot their way out with a Rancor being let loose by R2 giving time for Han,Lando and Leia to escape but Luke being captured by Vader. When Han is unfrozen by the rebels he almost strangles Lando before he is pulled off but still will never forgive him. We go to the conference and learn that the rebellion is ready to lead a full on assault on Had Abbadon the imperial capital with the only problem being that it is protected by a shield generator on the forest moon of Kashyyyk. Chewbacca and Han volunteer for the mission with Leia protesting that it’s too dangerous but Han still goes ahead because his best friend is captured and being held there. Also the night before he goes he and Leia sleep together. Meanwhile Luke is still captured and talking with Vader trying to bring him to the light while Vader still wants to join up with Luke to take out the emperor. Eventually it is Luke that caves in and the two launch a coup against Palpatine. Meanwhile Han and Chewie lead the strike team and get on Kashyyyk but it is revealed that Chwie is viewed as a traitor and outcast for leaving instead of staying with his people which takes time to resolve. When it does they attack the outpost and it is a bloody battle in which the Wookies are massacred along with the rebels eventually culminating in Han and Chewie dying to blow the generator up taking most of the surrounding imperials with them though not before Han radios Leia to say he loves her. This leads to the Rebel fleet jumping in and than realizing it’s a trap and two Imperial fleets were cloaked waiting. Meanwhile Luke tracks down the emperor and kills him anticlimactically. But then the real emperor appears and reveals it was simply a clone. Palpatine then tries to draw Luke to kill his father using the dark side and Luke snaps. Cuts off Vader’s hand and then realizes what he’s done and steps back from the brink. Palpatine uses force lightning to torture Luke. At the same time Lando heroically sacrifices himself to destroy the emperor’s flagship kamikaze style which disrupts the emperor allowing Vader to attack him with the force while Luke tries to help him. Vader however says it’s too late for him and begs Luke to run. Luke escapes just as the ship is blown up and Palpatine is thrown down the shaft. Both fleets have taken heavy losses and will have to fight another day. Leia who is pregnant with hans child is the new leader of the rebels and begs Luke to help but he is emotionally shattered. He goes out into the sunset to find his sister watched by the Force ghost of Aniken heavily scarred and having to make penance for his deeds as Vader.

Prequel Trilogy: The prequel trilogy opens with the galaxy already having been an empire for 300 years because of the devastating First and second clone wars. The Mainline Jedi are already on the decline as they have a harder and harder time finding suitable candidates of which Obi Wan in his 40s is the youngest abandoning Yoda who is a non conformist. He is tasked with liberating a Clonemaster slave ship on which he finds the original Darth Vader in his 20s who was experimented on and suffered severe mental trauma but is also force sensitive and Padme 18 a captured daughter of an alderaanian Diplomat. The escape plan goes awry and they barely escape with a damaged ship. Obi Wan sets course for Tatooine where his brother Owen lives for repairs. Here they find Anakin 17 a cousin of Owens wife beru who they raise as a son. They can’t get the part so Anikin races in the pod race to get the money. Meanwhile a mad Jedi Maul is unfrozen from carbonite which he spent 300 years locked in from the first clone war. He seeks revenge for his betrayal at the hands of the now defunct republic and neutered jedi order. The Clone masters give him plenty of Clone soldiers to do just that and Maul sets his sights on Alderaan. The heros are fighting for alderaan and win but the third clone wars have begun while Anakin and Darth become apprentices under Obi Wan. The second film picks up after 5 years of bloody fighting across the galaxy with both Darth and Aniken full fledged Knights. They are friends but we get the impression that Darth is envious. Anakin has married padme as well who is looking to end the conflict. Palpatine has become consul to the aging emperor and says the war will end soon with an enormous invasion. The royal imperial family celebrates in Had Abbadon and it’s obvious that Darth is in love with the second daughter who fought beside him in the last film(she was visiting alderaan at the time). The emperor is assassinated and Darth becomes an undercover agent to destroya clonemaster but the princess stows away ready to get revenge while Anakin,Obi-Wan and Padme go to the battle of Korriban(can’t think of a name so this is a placeholder). The Jedi to fight and Padme to negotiate. It is a blasted hellworld from an ancient inter Jedi conflict long ago and scattered with ruins. The fighting is intense in the underground ruins and Obi-Wan and Aniken are separated. Anakin is wounded and then is found by the spirits of the Grey Jedi that haunt the place and learns how the orthodox Jedi massacred them and Anakin becomes their chosen one who will restore balance. Once the battle is won Anakin is disillusioned and quits convincing Padme to go away with him to the outer Rim to establish a new Jedi order. Meanwhile Maul tracks Darth and the princess down and kills her while Darth in a rage cuts his head off and massacres everyone in the base. After this he is expelled by the Jedai order but Regent Palpatine takes him in and begins to train him. The third movie takes place ten years after the end of the Third Clone war with Palpatine as Regent to the 15 year old son of the emperor who died in the last film. The remaining orthodox jedi including Obi Wan become suspicious of Palpatine and launch a coup because they find out he is dark side user capturing the figurehead emperor and raising a rebellion. Meanwhile Anakin’s Grey Jedi academy is fighting the empire and the huts across the Outer Rim with Anakin being a general. Darth is ordered to strike at them and burns the academy to the ground with Padme dying in defence of her twins. The female one Zara taken by a surviving grey Jedi who goes to an outer rim world with a religious nunnery but Luke falls into the hands of the empire. Anakin goes into a rage at the news and seeks vengeance on Vader. Meanwhile the monarchist rebellion is almost crushed and the figurehead emperor killed/all orthodox jedi slaughtered except for Obi Wan who is disillusioned. The remnants led by a radical mon mothma instead proclaim a new galactic republic. While Obi Wan also goes on the hunt for Vader. Eventually Anakin,Obi Wan and Vader all converge on mustafar and have an epic duel which ends with Vader and Anakin falling into a volcano and Obi Wan fleeing with infant luke into exile on tatooine. Meanwhile the emperor learns that Vader has fallen and comes up with the charade of making the disfigured Anakin the new Vader basically enslaving him because of his desire to find his children.

Sequel Trilogy: This one I have less Ideas for. Basically it would be a heavily altered thrawn trilogy. Thrawn has proclaimed himself emperor and Jorrus being a survivor from Anakin’s Grey Jedi academy who was driven mad and has his own nefarious twisted ideas of the force working with the empire for now. Zara Skywalker is stuck in that religious sect until bounty hunters attack and she escapes with the help of a smuggler called Dash rendar (real creative I know). Luke is trying to find his sister mara jade is hunting him and leia is trying to run the rebellion. It ends with Luke and Mara sacrificing themselves to kill Jorrus and Zara founding a new non partisan Jedi academy while the Rebels and empire making a clenched teeth peace agreeing to control their sectors of space.

Final Trilogy: This one is set during the cold war between the republic and empire and deals with Hans son and Zara’s daughter during an invasion of the galaxy by an alien race like the vong. It’s led by a former Jedi from the old republic who assimilated into their hive mind and is basically now an eldritch abomination with an ideology to boot. All the factions have to fight it and it end with the war wiping out galactic civilization as we know it as well as the invading aliens but the son and daughter lead a human refugee fleet to a habitable world and it ends with hope for the future that one day civilization and the Jedi will return to the whole galaxy. (The world they find may or may not be earth I haven’t decided on if that’s a lame idea or not)

Everything after Empire Strikes Back is shit.