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High resolution Disney+ Star Wars posters


Reviewing Disney’s Posters
TPM: Ok. Maul looks awkward in the back, and I’d argue the “blue” backdrop doesn’t suit this movie well. It needs color.

AOTC: I feel the same way as TPM, but to a greater extreme. The character positions are fantastic, besides Jango who looks pasted on. But the color is so dull…

ROTS: In contrast, I think this is a great poster, although the lightsaber colors really should be fixed. Only issue is the Death Star looks like forced clipart.

SOLO: Just brilliant. Love the color and layout.

R1: Is this just the original one with a cyan backdrop? Regardless, it works.

ANH: All the nostalgia aside, I think this might be the best “modern” poster for ANH. I like it!

ESB: The only instance here I feel the “colors” really add something - the icy atmosphere makes this poster looks awesome! The layout is a bit jumbled, but it still makes for great poster.

ROTJ: Also good! Only issue is Han’s derpy face.

TFA: Only design I feel is fair calling “ugly”. Not feeling it whatsoever.

TLJ: Literally the original poster with a red tint. Unlike the other posters the color overlay feels on the nose. It does it’s job, but I prefer the variant with color.

Maul- A Star Wars Story