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Heroes - a quick project...


Over the past 10 weeks I have become an addict - to ‘heroes’. the new NBC show. while tinkering with a somewhat recent version of adobe premiere I decided a project was in order to familiarize myself with the new layout. Shortly afterwards I heard that the next episode [the eleventh // Fallout ] would be the last screened before the new year. Having a lot of friends that I’ve tried to hook into the show i figured that it’d be sweet to string together a trailer of sorts to bring people up to speed as well as sucking them in.

I quickly locked in a piece of music that had the elements i was after - the Requiem for a dream main theme [Kronos Quartet // Clint Mansell]. I also quickly began to slot in placeholder images and title cards for certain scenes…And that is the point I’m at.

I’m wondering whether i should try and do things in chronological order or simply what best suits the music. The main plot lines I’m focusng on a ‘Peter and claire at union wells’ and ‘the beginnings of Sylar’…But then it is a 6+ minute song so there’s room for quite a bit.

Hopefully any heroes fans about can throw me some suggestions on what themes and scenes would be suitable to include, which scenes would best serve during climactic moments, allusons to possible things to come etc.

I’m planning to wait and include anything i see fit from next weeks episode [Fallout] but i really want to get this done by the end of next week, so i need to lock it all in before i cut in the final footage.

Over the past few days I’ve begun constructing a

as an after effect i’m considering tinting the footage as well…Here are 2 VERY quick examples.

and a further consideration is whether i should include any spoken dialogue from episodes where appropriate to heighten the excitement

What do people think? I’ll consider almost anything
any non fans may still be helpful since were all editors at heart here these days.

never seen the show but have wanted to, a trailer of sorts that brings ppl up to speed on all the biggest plot points sounds fantastic to me, but i dont know how those points can be properly conveyed without the use of heavy dialog...
the show has a lot of strong visual elements...when a guy cuts open someone skull to feast on the gooeyness inside - you don't need heavy dialogue to figure he's up to no good.

At the moment i'm waiting for the last episode of the year [2 more days] then i'll continue.

I guess its possible to do a version keeping the audio from the show instead but i dont know how well that would flow.

I'm doing the project regardless but i started this thread or the imput of others so if you have concerns / suggestions i do appreciate them.