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Help with Fantasia 35mm film scans anyone?


As most of you know by now, using best available materials we managed to get done an authentic version of Fantasia in 2021, and improved upon in 2022.

BUT would be nice to bring Fantasia into HD. While it’s definitely a good thing to uncensor the blu ray footage and synch it to the audio tracks of the laserdisc, the blu ray sadly suffers from digital scrubbing/enhancement.

To illustrate, here is an example comparing the blu ray to 35mm:

So, wondering if anyone here has or can obtain Fantasia in 35mm format so it can be scanned for our use? Thunderbean Animation did just that (and a 720p torrent is out on cartoon chaos). But that version isn’t cleaned up and even seems to be missing some frames (making it hard to work with).

If someone could obtain a print and do a better scan, the best elements can be used for both. And the final product can be synched with the audio tracks of the laserdisc.