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Help needed re: Jango extended death scene – blue Lightsaber for Mace in AOTC.


I recently saw a short fan edit clip with finished CGI of the extended Jango Fett death sequence, where Mace cuts of Jango’s left arm prior to decapitating him. This footage was previously shown in the Blu-ray Star Wars Saga boxed set, but had unfinished CGI.
For anyone who hasn’t seen the now-completed scene, it’s here:

I’ve tried to contact the person who made the clip, to no avail. I have extracted the footage, and have it as an individual clip; please see here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/140MhO9gbGh2mt-viCMeFVr9bQ8LJLKnC/view?usp=sharing
Would anyone here be able to please change Mace’s Lightsaber colour to blue?

My edits: