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Help: looking for... Star Wars definitive bonus/supplement collection


First let me say I am a n00b at the “fan preservation game”. Also, I am more or less a n00b to these forums and I apologize in advance if this thread violates the rules of the “Original Trilogy” forum.

I am looking to acquire as much of the following “releases” as I can and create a comprehensive DVD set/“definitive DVD collection” of Star Wars " bonus " material

Would anyone to able to provide me have anything from the following threads/collections:

  • Ocpmovie’s Star Wars: Deleted Magic
  • Jambe Davdar’s BUILDING EMPIRE
  • Jambe Davdar’s RETURNING TO JEDI
  • The RowMan “Star Wars” Releases
  • The Official babyhum Release Thread
  • The Official ANGRYSVN STAR WARS Release Thread
  • Ocpmovie’s Special Edition Hype
  • Ocpmovie’s Return of the Ewok and Other Little Films
  • Preserving the…cringe…Star Wars Holiday Special
  • MoveAlong’s The Story of Star Wars
  • MoveAlong’s The Story of TESB
    <span class=“Bold”>Any other material that would be helpful</span>

Before I (can) do this I am asking for the permission from the community at large and in particular <span class=“Bold”>Ocpmovie</span>, <span class=“Bold”>Jambe Davdar</span>, <span class=“Bold”>The RowMan</span>, <span class=“Bold”>babyhum</span>, <span class=“Bold”>Rikter</span>, <span class=“Bold”>MoveAlong</span>, and any one else I have forgotten to mention’s permission to use their material.
I plan to accomplish this by combing/going through the material, using the best quality source from the redundant/duplicate material. Creating new with the material and using a streamlined, very similar menu structure from disc to disc. If anyone could/would help me out in any way possible that would be great.

Thanks in advance for the community help and time in the matter,


Over a 120 Views, but no replies. Where is the "love"?

XD, what does no one think that my Project idea is any good or something? XD, LOL, XD