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Help: looking for... Disney's The Secret Lab (TSL) Screener DVD - An Exclusive Presentation for the Visual Effects Society


Hello there.

Now, there is something I had really wanted to get recently, but never did. I have found out about it on eBay and tried to place an offer for it, but so far I had failed.

It is basically not only a screener DVD of some sort but also an exclusive presentation for the Visual Effects Society, or VES, for short, and it is not only definitely super rare, but it also contained things that Disney’s long-dead special and visual effects wing The Secret Lab, or TSL, for short, was working on some 20 years ago.

That DVD includes the following content:

  1. A Full Feature Film Presentation of Disney’s CGI Dinosaur Movie from the year 2000, or 20 years ago
  2. 3 Behind the Scenes Featurettes for Disney’s Dinosaur Movie
  3. The Secret Lab Demo Reel
  4. A Visual Effects Featurette for the 2000 version of Gone in 60 Seconds
  5. Mission to Mars Electronic Theater, Siggraph 2000 Featurette

Here is the link for what I am talking about:

Now, I just can’t find it anywhere except for on eBay, and I don’t know if the screener DVD for Disney’s The Secret Lab effects company will ever need any preservation or restoration work if someone gets a hold on it one day or not, but do you or don’t you?

Just wondering.