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Help: looking for... 'Crash' (1996) Workprint


I’ve seen the movie “Crash” twice and I found it to be a weird and fascinating film. On my second watch of the film I could understand what David Cronenberg was trying to do. It did bring back some memories of living in Toronto as I recognized a bunch of locations ahh the good old days, but anyway, I’m looking for a copy of the workprint that was floating around in the 1990’s and hasn’t been since. I’ve gotten close a couple of times but no luck. They say it runs about 10 minutes longer then the R-rated cut and is supposedly the NC-17 version that’s already out and on that flip side of the coin, it’s said it runs 160 minutes. I’m not sure what to believe but if anyone out there has any info on where to find a copy and is looking to trade for it, I can be reached at

Have tons of workprints & TV Cuts to trade.

Thanks and happy weekend all.